Is AA Tipping Their Toe Into The JetBlue/Spirit/Frontier Upcoming Merger Vote?


Apr 26, 2005
I know and understand that the current merger talks with JetBlue, Spirit and Frontier are not with AA, however, I am starting to wonder how much of a possible involvement they may be with helping JetBlue get this merger done. This only my opinion, but one would have to wonder with how adamant and very determined they are pressing to get the winning vote for the merger. And now throwing ridiculous $$$ at it if it fails, adding 1/2 of the no go money up front and even more $$$ for the shareholders, all this with less than one week prior to the shareholders vote. Bettering Frontiers failure offer by 100 million.
Also wondering if the tactic of a last minute improved offer by JetBlue is so that Frontier won't have time to adjust theirs in time for the vote.
My point at this time is, does anyone think, maybe, that AA might be helping JetBlue fund the revised offer? After all, AA will also benefit by the JetBlue/Spirit Merger over the Frontier/Spirit Merger would they not??? Something to think about folks...

Since AA stands to have the AA-B6 alliance canceled by the Feds, they'd be more inclined to help F9-NK succeed if they were indeed meddling....