Maintenence Representational Vote

[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 12/31/2002 9:02:12 PM Bob Owens wrote:
[P]What are the feelings as far as the vote at SWA between the Teamsters and AMFA?[/P]
[H4]----------------We will find out what our individual feelings are in a few weeks. Its hard to say how its going, its totally up in the air. The IBT has been working as hard as the Democrats do when they feel they are losing in the polls. Spin, spin, spin!! LOL. [/H4][/BLOCKQUOTE]
[P align=justify]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 24, 2003[/P]
[P]FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:[BR]O. V. Delle-Femine, AMFA National Director[BR]603-527-9212[BR]Steve Lanier, AMFA National Secretary[BR]770-954-0212[BR]Jim Young, Region II Director[BR]612-387-8061[/P]
[P align=center][FONT size=5]Southwest Airlines Employees Win[BR][/FONT][FONT size=5]Election for AMFA Representation[/FONT][/P]
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[P align=justify]Laconia, NH – January 24, 2003
– The National Mediation Board (NMB) has certified the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) as the bargaining agent for the mechanics and related employees at Dallas, Texas, based Southwest Airlines.[/P]
[P align=justify]AMFA received 805 votes from the 1459 votes cast in today’s representation election ballot count.[/P]
[P align=justify]"We are pleased that the Mechanics and Related employees at Southwest Airlines have selected AMFA to represent them. The AMFA supporters at Southwest Airlines have worked hard to achieve this success and should be proud of their efforts," said O. V. Delle-Femine, AMFA National Director. He continued, "We look forward to developing a positive relationship with Southwest Airlines officials, one that will benefit both the company and our new members."[/P]
[P align=justify]AMFA is an independent craft union not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. AMFA currently represents more than 11,000 aircraft technicians and related personnel employed at Alaska Airlines, American Trans Air, Atlantic Coast Airlines, Horizon Air, Mesaba Airlines, and Northwest Airlines.[/P]
[P align=justify]AMFA’s credo is "Safety in the air begins with quality maintenance on the ground." To learn more about AMFA, visit their website at[/P]
Southwest mechanics vote to switch unions

By ERIC TORBENSON / The Dallas Morning News

Mechanics at Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co. will switch unions. The 1,700 mechanics will drop the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for the far smaller Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, a fast-growing union that specializes in representing aircraft maintenance workers.

The National Mediation Board said in a news release that AMFA won 805 of about 1,400 votes cast in the election.

The Teamsters had fought hard to keep the Southwest mechanics, even sending Teamsters President James P. Hoffa to Dallas to answer questions from mechanics.

The Southwest mechanics ratified a new contract last year that gave them raises and some stock options, but some mechanics who backed AMFA said they weren't happy with how the contract was negotiated and thought they could have negotiated for more.
Well done, considering the games that went on when UAL had their votes. Be careful the IBT doesn't destroy all of their records for your contract on the way out, such as greivences and notes.

Did Hoffa really have his picture taken in a "Southwest" A320 cockpit?

Bravo SWA.