Management is Satisfied With Low Quality Service!

Over the years, when I have cited service issues with some fellow employees and management, they often defend US by citing similar service issues at the competition. For example, "Well Delta or United are doing the same thing." or "You should see what they''re doing at Northwest."
As far as I''m concerned, I could care less about our competitors'' service failures, nor are our problems somehow acceptable so long such problems exist among other carriers.
Southwest does well because it stands out and because it has built a niche among consumers that no other airline can duplicate.
US Airways, for it to succeed, must in its own way, also stand out among the others, rather than sink to and share the same lackluster service level of most carriers.
Certainly doing things better than the others, excelling with service, would be a good way to start! Of course such a goal is well beyond the capabilities or imagination of those running the company.

Then you have confused me on your previous thread. You cited CO, and implied that their service is not as good. So, perhaps I mispercieved your message once again. But no matter, you made a statement that U mangement saved this airline....I don't believe you are correct in making that assumption. So far, we, according to the co., are NOT saved. We only emerged from BK.
The truth of the matter is that WE as employees saved this company and secured the ability for U to receive unanoymous approval for the ATSB. It was our commitment to each other and loyalty from longevity here that sacrificed ourselves for this company. And this mangement has forgotten so quickly what the employees mean to any corporation in business.

So, in my minds eye, WE ARE IT, and they need reminded who we are.

I never forget, never. And I should not have to apologize for this...

BUT WE ARE IN BATTLE WITH THIS MANGEMENT. No moving off that. This company is not playing...this is serious, and NOW we mean business. We won't survive, unless we do battle with this mangement to HONOR OUR CONTRACTS AND STOP KILLING THEIR EMPLOYEES.

They have just imposed the new Reserve System Nov. 1. Will cause even more furloughs. Trust me...its a major grievances, once again.

The MEC is in session as we speak....all hell will break loose in there.

AFA will move from there as MEC of soldiers for the flight attendants, and our profession.


My problem is not with the past or blame, its with the present. Just because we have jobs, does not mean the employees are not losing. Trust me, they are. Its all in how you look at loss.
As many employees have stated on this board there are plenty of jobs out there paying $12 hour. If things are so bad for you then maybe you should consider quiting.
I feel the same-I do not tell people who I work for ...

It's an embarassment...

Now since our station has gone express, we ARE REQUIRED TO BRING IN A Dr's note....if you call in sick.
Last week I had larengyitis and strep throat...No time missed...I'm not being a martyr.

And all this for a measly 12 bucks per hour..which includes the 5%!

My time is very limited.
I try only to do a 4 day work week and give up 1 day..

I have a life and IT'S NOT WITH U!
On 7/22/2003 10:28:09 AM Analyst wrote:

As many employees have stated on this board there are plenty of jobs out there paying $12 hour. If things are so bad for you then maybe you should consider quiting.


Told ya many times...WE AIN'T LEAVING!

Why? Cause this is OUR company and, YOU, mangement are a tinsy part of the whole and only visit.
I must address the express situation. Seems Mesa is also an express carrier for HP and haven''t heard half the complaints at HP about express as I did at US. What''s up??? You all know I''m now on another side of the fence and I keep looking for a good thing about US and keep kicking myself for not making this move long ago. BUT--have only heard 1 very small complaint about express carrier since May 5, and HP posted a 29 million profit the 2nd quarter. How was US''s 2nd quarter. Flights are full and people seem happy. Especially with the low ow fares and a chance to upgrade by paying a maximum of $150 each way from any fare if first is available at check in. Sorry guys but someone needs to look at HP. People are happy and so are the agents.
My point is:
I want to SEE THE TOP have their reward!

My dad always says, ya live long enough ya see it all!

This road show I will see thru!