New Hampshire Black Bears Has Passed Away


Oct 5, 2003
Right in the middle.
I’m posting to share the sad news that longtime poster Gary Behrens aka New Hampshire Black Bears has passed away.

From his obituary:

“Gary made an impression on all who knew him with his charisma and talent for conversation. He quickly made friends wherever he went. He loved being the center of attention and entertaining others with his antics… In line with his character, Gary lived his life in his own unique way and apologized to no one for it.”

If you have been on here for any amount of time, you likely interacted with him.

Whether you agreed with him or not, he always made things interesting. Our community will be a little less colorful without him.
God Bless and Rest in Peace to Bears

Years ago I was on the opposite side of him, oddly regarding unions. He was in KC once to see the Yankees play the Royals. We met for lunch. He (and his wife) were truly wonderful people. Over time, I came to be more on his side than not.. RIP were a good man.,
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Though we rarely agreed on well.... anything, he showed compassion during my recovery from COVID. That is what I will remember most.