Pilot Bid 06-02 (May/June)

The real interesting part when come when the first bids that include upgrades to the E-190 are put out.

Although there will be a few junior (active) pilots that move over to the right seat of the E-190 (to hold a senior position for bidding or for a base preference), it is expected that almost all of the early and future E-190 Co-Pilot positions will be offered to those on furlough.

The interesting part will be how junior these 190-FO positions go, as it is expected that many pilots will bypass a recall into that position.

Another thing to note, in comparison to the last major recall, the condition of the remainder of the industry is poor. While many pilots might have been able to secure positions at other legacy carriers (or other decent jobs) while furloughed last time, that is not really the case this time. Using the pilots that returned to fly the E-170 as an example (for those what might return to the E-190), most either held a non flying position or came from a "regional" carrier.

IMO this recall will go down the list multiple times as First Officer positions become availiable in the Boeings and Airbuses (as people upgrade to 190 CA or leave). This process will not alter much, after the senority lists of US And HP are combinded.

So the untraditional situation of having newhires fly right seat in the E-190 (while still having pilots on furlough) within a year or so is actually very likey to repeat itself (since the same thing happened with the E-170). Those still on furlough will bypass the 190 either because of the pay, or to maintain their current situation awhile longer to see how things go with the new US Airways.

I am betting that those who were placed in the hiring pool over at America West will be offered those positions first, but soon thereafter US Airways might have to reopen it's pilot hiring office once again.

Nice thing to think about, vs. the gloom and doom we were drowing in less than a year ago.
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Obviously I have no special insight into the thinking of the junior 737/319 F/O's or those on the APL, but here's how I see it....

Emb-190 captains - probably a mixture of 737/319 F/O's and relatively senior APL. The 737/319 pilots will see a pay raise and the pay rate will mean more of the senior APL folks will take available openings than did on the 170. A pure guess is about 2/3 "mainline" active folks and 1/3 pretty senior APL folks when East & West operations merge.

Emb-190 F/O's - this will look more like the Emb-170 Capt list than the 170 F/O list. The pay rate is closer to 170 Capt rates and a lot more than 170 F/O rates, pretty much guaranteeing that this will go higher up the APL/CEL list than the 170 F/O did. Another guess - all APL folks when East & West operations merge.

The big factor is just the number of airplanes. If the rumors are true - 2 190's in Nov and about 1 per month thereafter - MDA has more 170's now than we'll have 190's when the East & West operations are merged. Figure no more than 10 airplanes (depending on exactly when East/West ops merge) at 10-12 pilots each only equals 100-120 pilots. Using my guesses, that's 35-45 currently "mainline" pilots in the left seat of the 190's and 75-80 relatively senior APL folks in the remainder of the left seat jobs and the right seat when East/West ops merge.

Further down the road it all depends on a number of factors that are undetermneable now. Eventually, the right seat of the 190 will be the entry position where new hires start out. But that's a ways down the road, in my opinion.

Are the pilot bid results out, some guys have there results but still waiting for mine. Was there a computer problem or something else slowing things down?
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I'm writing you a PM - give me a call or email when you get it.