Pilot hiring


Dec 20, 2002
Just curious if anyone knows when there will be a serious push to start pilot hiring again. It seems that SWA is very judicious and thoughtful in their growth and of course right now things are obviously slow. Also, is the policy for applying changing back to needing to have a 737 type before you can send in an application? I sent in my application this past February when the policy was still not needed but reccomended. Do I really get on some kind of fast track if I have the 737 type or are all applications reviewed and called in on a first come first serve basis. It seems like an unreasonable risk to take to hope I get a job if I go out and spend about $7000 and get rejected in the interview because I had a bad interview day. Bet hey, no risk no reward, at least that''s what they say.
The Luv Airline will be starting classes next month. The head cheeses said they plan to bring on about 200 new Red Bellied Luv Jet pilots in 2003. Of course, they always say this is subject to change. Usually that means a good chance of more being hired, especially if US Air or United belly up, IMHO.

As far as that type thing goes, as long as your app was in before the end of November 2002, you're not required to have it to get an interview. They said everyone will eventually get an interview. When that will be, who knows? They're not interviewing now and have quite of few folks in the "pool" with job offers waiting for a class date. Thus, one must surmise that it may be a while for a job interview.

I'm not sure if having or NOT having a type rating works to your advantage or not. No one really seems to answer that question straight. As you may have heard or read, the company hires for the "personality". Positive, hard working, yadda, yadda. So, I personally don't think having the type is a huge advantage. They realize that asking someone to spend $7K for a job they may not get is asking a lot. Especially when they don't have to. However, at least do the homework and have a type class lined up before the interview. I wouldn't be surprised if you get asked in the interview where/when you plan on getting your type. Good luck.
Disagree. Those with no type-rating will interview after all typed pilots.

Type rating shows a desire to work at SWA. Also SWA was getting flooded with apps, so that's one discriminator that's easy to implement.

I'll ask tomorrow and check on the status of those who submitted apps already.
Talked with one of the Headquarters Chief Pilots in Tampa last month. He said that those who have already submitted an application without a type will be interviewed with the same prioirty that they had before SWA changed the requirements. He also said that SWA had 150 pilots in the pool & over 2600 applications & planned on hiring 240 pilots this year.
Rhino has made a very good point about the type rating showing a committment towards the company. It will definitely work in your favor. However, I'm not so certain that NOT having the type works against you. Based on numerous friends of mine that have interviewed over the past 1.5 years, I see no particular trend either way. It seems an equal number with the type or without it were hired, proportionally. Actually, doing the math, slightly more without the type were hired. Of course, almost all these guys were hired before 9/11 when competition was not as difficult. As Rhino stated, there's a lot of people trying to get a job here now. Competition will be fierce. Good luck.
People Dept lady in charge is on vacation til 2 Jan.

CP said: 1 class in Jan, 2 in Feb, 28 each class. Further classes TBA. 200+ already 'hired' in the pool.

Interviews will begin again late spring/early summer. The interview order will no longer be first come, first serve. Apps will be screened for the 'best qualified.'

His opinion was that it would be unusual for someone without a type-rating to compete successfully with those who do for an early interview.

All who have submitted apps when type-ratings weren't required will eventually be interviewed. Could be a long time, however.