Pit Lgw service suspended


Aug 20, 2002
Checked flts today for april, pit service to london in resv has been canceled. Capacity i assume will start to be cut....
The plane also could have been comandeered for CRAF flights. I''m sure they would pull it off the weakest flights.
No, it''s revenue planning has determined that the 40% drop in bookings will negate the need for that service. Also the Frankfort schedule has been cut from daily ops to twice a week.
Thay have to get aircraft for SNN and DUB from somewhere. You didn''t actually think that they were going to expand the fleet, did you?
For Apr 1- Apr 30
PIT-LGW flights suspended
PIT-FRA cancelled Tu/We
FRA-PIT cancelled We/Th
PHL-AMS cancelled Tu
AMS-PHL cancelled We
FRA-PHL now depart at 1145am

LGW and FRA passengers will be rerouted via a schedule change thru PHL. AMS pax can be rerouted on another day or given a refund. They are working to set up an arrangement with other carriers for AMS pax who need to go on the days the flight is cancelled.
I think the first attempt would be to re-route the affected passengers on other US flights to AMS. This would be the least costly option. Using another carrier would be a second choice.