Saudi king warns jihadists could attack US, Europe within months

PHXConx said:
How do you figure?
well you could very well be right about might have happened key word there might.
you're saying if certain events had not happened then this would have happened, is that not be definition speculation ?
OBL declared war on america in 1996 3 years after the original WTC towers... how are they related again?  parroting the old lies dont make them truths he had nothing to do with the original 1993 WTC bombings...
In the last paragraph, I mentioned the show Frontline, entitled, I believe, The Man Who Knew. It was about the FBI agent who had brought the WTC bomb maker in 1993 to justice from Pakistan. The man was blindfolded and he took off the blindfold as they were in proximity with the towers. The man said that if he had the funding, those towers wouldn't be there.

A few years later, although we didn't know him by name, the agent was following OBL.