Summer 2009 Schedule Changes

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ROW-LAX starts AUG 4 times a week good way to bridge erj s to lax.Interesting :shock:
<_< --------I'de like to see an MCI to STL, and back. Even with Eagle. TWA used to have about four daily flights of MD80's and traffic on them were good!
I seem to remember 16 daily flights STL-MCI on 727 md 80 L-1011.And still had to fly Ozark because our flights were full!
Yes, and at one time in the "good old days" (formerly known as, "these trying times in which we live" :lol: ) EA had 6 or 8 non-stops a day between ATL and BHM. DL also served the route as did Southern Airways. And,they were all "full-sized" airplanes. Not any more.

If there were still that much business between MCI and STL, Southwest would be on top of it as they are about the only airline serving that route now. They have cut back from what they used to have also. With no competition on the route, WN has 4 daily ex SAT, 1 daily ex SATSUN, and 3 SAT only flights.

Do you really think anyone could compete with RJs or that there is sufficient demand for AA to fly it mainline? (See also, AA and AE's DAL to STL, MCI, AUS, and SAT service.)
I think the problem with MCI-STL is that for local traffic, the congestion and process of getting through the airport has made the drive equivalent time wise. With that said you're left with connecting traffic which can all be managed through ORD on AA. Flights of that sage length make less sense that what they used to.
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The topic is AA Summer 2009 (actual) Schedule changes, not service between STL and MCI or lack thereof. Nor, is it "Service I would like to see brought back." Please stick to the topic.
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