SW drops ISP - PVD /// WOW


Aug 20, 2002
4 nonstops a day stop January 12th. It seems that PVD will lose 4 flights, ISP will lose none as the planes will just be turned around at ISP to go back to Florida instead of continuing on to PVD.
ISP-PVD fell victim to the same security hassle factor that killed MCO-PBI. PVD/MHT/ISP are adding FL flights instead.
Just peeked at the schedule. Looks like ISP gained new non stops to MCO and PBI but lost the nonstop to JAX.
My guess would be - probably not. The last DOT statistics (3rd qtr 2001) suggest an average load factor in the low 30s and there is very little direct or connecting service off of these flights.
On 9/21/2002 7:50:46 AM Rhino wrote:

ISP-PVD fell victim to the same security hassle factor that killed MCO-PBI. [/blockquote]

While similar in terms of air miles, the two are quite dissimilar in terms of driving ease/time.
MCO-PBI is a straight shot down Florida's Turnpike (yes, that's the official name), or a cheaper but slightly longer route via the Bee Line Exp'y and I-95.
ISP-PVD, in contrast, is a driving hassle, involving either a backhaul through Queens and The Bronx, or a ferry across the Sound.
For that reason alone I'm mildly surprised that the route will be dropped.
Agree with you MGA. Long Island-Metro Boston is no fun and can be 4-5 hours, depending on traffic.

An LI traveller must check in at ISP (1 1/2 hours) fly to PVD (1/2 hour), rent a car (1/2 hour), drive to Boston (1 hour). The time savings disappeared. Also ISP security is no fun. Result, ISP-PVD is of value mostly to those going to the PVD area.