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Jun 11, 2003
Frontier reducing capacity by 13%.Is this Ted Related? See Link!http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/040909/frontier_airlines_2.html

Associated Press
Frontier Trims Flight Schedule by 13 Pct.
Thursday September 9, 11:54 pm ET
By Sandy Shore, AP Business Writer
Frontier Trims Flight Schedule by About 13 Percent As Rising Fuel Prices Batter Bottom Line

DENVER (AP) -- Frontier Airlines Inc. has pared its flight schedule by about 13 percent and made other adjustments to trim costs as rising fuel prices continue to batter its bottom line.
The low-cost carrier expects additional savings when it completes its shift to an all-Airbus fleet and implements a new reservations system next year, Frontier CEO Jeff Potter said Thursday at the carrier's annual shareholders meeting.


"We're trying to position ourselves as if we had to compete against anybody. The only thing that is beyond our control is fuel prices," he said.

Citing rising fuel costs and weaker-than-expected revenue, Frontier has said it expects to post a loss in the quarter ending in September, its third consecutive quarterly loss. Potter declined to provide specifics after the meeting.

From June 2003 to last June, Frontier's fuel costs increased about 34 percent, chief financial officer Paul Tate said. Crude oil prices peaked in August at nearly $49 a barrel and were hovering this week around $43.

Potter said the company also has no plans to charge customers extra for booking reservations by telephone or through a ticket agent.

Several major airlines are charging service fees for tickets booked at reservations centers or airport ticket counters in the United States. Their representatives say the fees will help them better compete with low-cost carriers that sell most of their tickets online.

The Denver-based carrier has about 4,500 employees and serves about 50 cities in the United States and Mexico.

Frontier shares closed down 1 cent at $8.25 Thursday on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

On the Net: http://www.frontierairlines.com

Of course we are cutting back on capacity during the slow months of fall and winter. Flights will be increased as needed to accomidate the holiday travelers. Now isn't that a SOUND business decision. At least F9 makes sound business decisions whether their losing cash or not. At least they don't hide it like UAL does.

Oh we lost 243 mil, but we made a 7 million dollar profit. I am glad they don't balance my check book. I support the sound decisions of our management here. We'll see what losses UAL will be posting here in the next couple of months.

Hey and while were all laughing, wonder how long before a news article like this will be relaeased by UAL? All in jest of course, but it could happen. After what has happened at Delta, USAIR, and Alaska anything is possible right?

UAL cutting up to 6,000 jobs, shutting Denver hub, also warns
of no escape from Chapter 11 by the end of the decade!

Staff report
Published on: 09/10/04

United Air Lines will cut up to 6,000 jobs as the only way to slash costs and regain financial altitude (MAYBE). In response to Delta chopping it’s DFW hub, UAL is following suite with a near closing of their Denver hub operations there.

United CEO Glenn Tilton is saying nothing as always, except that all aspects of our operation are on the table. ESPECIALLY our Maintenance Division, which we really don’t need at this time. As quoted by Pete McDonald “We are in the people moving business not the maintenance business.â€

A chief element of the restructuring plan Tilton disclosed today is closure of United’s hub at Denver International Airport. The airline has about 4,000 workers and a maintenance hangar there.

United said details of the job cuts will be laid out in coming weeks. With those damn pesky mechanics getting theirs pink slips first. The airline said the job cuts would also be accompanied by more employee concessions, loss of the pension plans, and big changes in benefits.

Other moves to soon be unveiled include:

— Additional planes for TED, United’s low-cost unit (AKA United Shuttle).

— Growth in flights at United’s hubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington Dulles, and
Mexico of all places. They got no more room in Chicago!

United’s latest job cuts follow previous waves of cuts in the past few years. In there hay day they had an employee base in excess of 110K now dwindled down to around 58K, after these next furloughs.
Denver is profitable for UAL you idiot! Why would we close it especially when Frontier is being kicked in the nads by TED.
Show me your profits! UAL can cook the books anyway they want. UAL hasn't had a profit in 3 years. Don't be surprised what UAL will do to you all next :shock: And TED B) :blink: hey they don't got a finger on here damn :up: so just read between the lines. Not one employee at Frontier worries at all about your bankrupt company. We'll see who will be back in the money next year :up:
Obiviously, you wish nothing but harm on the good people of United. I feel sorry for you.
For someone not "worrying about" our company....you sure spend a lot of time doing so. I still don't get were the anger comes from though. Don't worry if Frontier has to file bankruptcy and liquidate though, you can always apply at the Jiffy Lube. :mf_boff:
mrfish3726 said:
Show me your profits!
OK, please read this United press release that reports that United made a $6 million net profit in July 2004.

Now it's your turn. Please tell us Frontier's financial results for July (and answers like "I don't know" or "Frontier doesn't report monthly financial results" aren't good enough since you claim to know so much about the airline industry).
I say flush him!


Everything he says stinks anyway. :down:
I'll be over at the USAIR Threads till they go out of business, then I'll be back to watch UAL do the same. Good luck to you all at UAL, the smart ones have moved on to!
I would say that I hope the best for UsAir for UAL and for Frnt. There will be many changes in the coming months and years. I don't wish bad on anyone, just good fortune.

I am concerned about UAL's pension and how it plays out. Tilton offered nothing as he always has. He wants to blame our losses the previous ceo's. What a shame, we have not had a profit, except last year in the second quarter only because of the repayment of security cost, since he has been ceo. He is just trying to mend a few fences so the judge won't replace him.
mrfish3726 said:
I'll be over at the USAIR Threads till they go out of business, then I'll be back to watch UAL do the same. Good luck to you all at UAL, the smart ones have moved on to!
A typical Joe McCarthy-like response from a pathetic wind-up artist. Once again, you show your true colors by running away when confronted by some FACTS that don't comport with your jaundiced views of the airline industry. And your "concern" for the folks at UAL would be very heart-warming if you weren't so transparently hypocritical.

BTW, you asked to see United's profits and I showed them to you. Why didn't you respond to my request by offering some verifiable indication of Frontier's profitability? Perhaps because there aren't any profits to show?
Fly said:
you can always apply at the Jiffy Lube.
At least his job will bw secure and he'll probably make more money. The bummer is he'll lose his flight bennies, but then you never know maybe Jiffy lube has a deal changing oil on city busses and he can get a pass on that, so not all is lost. :up: :up:
mrfish3726 said:
I'll be over at the USAIR Threads till they go out of business, then I'll be back to watch UAL do the same. Good luck to you all at UAL, the smart ones have moved on to!

As a fellow industry veteran......yes a US Airways employee. I cannot believe that you would be wishing such doom and gloom towards any airline employee and their families. I guess you are just showing your maturity level. Each airline is dealing with their own struggles (Frontier included). So please don't go throwing stones when you yourself are in a glass house. :rant:
I see that the hangar ramp area in Denver is starting to resemble a parking lot. Started parking those 37’S I see. Waiting for UAL’s August report, their being awfully quiet.
mrfish3726 said:
I'll be over at the USAIR Threads till they go out of business, then I'll be back to watch UAL do the same. Good luck to you all at UAL, the smart ones have moved on to!

Three comments:
1) You're pretty damned sick wishing ill on others. This should make your day:
Best of luck to everyone at UAIR; Mr Munn included. Just remember that things looked about the same at Continental before Bethune took over. I'm hoping that UAIR finds a great CEO to turn things around.

2) Mr Fish, you said that you'd be over at the UAIR threads, yet you return like the swallows to Capistrano. And then you crap all over the place, just like the swallows of Capistrano.

3) You'd better hope that your precious FRNT doesn't get caught on the backside of the power curve, or you'll find more than a couple of posters who are just as vindictive as you who will chant for the demise of FRNT.
Speaking of which, just a few funs facts for ya. FRNT's RASM decreased by better than 12%. With FRNT reducing their schedule by 13% while continuing to take delivery of additional aircraft, fleet utilization will decrease. The decrease in fleet utilization means that fixed costs will be spread among less seats. In other words, FRNT's CASM will increase. CASM increasing while RASM decreases is not a good thing.
Let us know which Jiffy Lube you end up at; I don't think that I'll be taking my car there.