Thanks You To All In Pit Res


Aug 20, 2002
Los Angeles
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As the PIT reservations office enters its final days I just want to thank all of the agents for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the years. For the clear majority of you that are not transferring to INT, best of luck with whatever new endeavor you find yourself in. Hopefully it will not be as angst ridden as the last few years have been working at US Airways.

For those of you going to INT, best of luck with the move and the merger.


May 22, 2004
phllax said:
As the PIT reservations office enters its final days I just want to thank all of the agents for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the years.

DITTO. Everytime I have called Res. "everyone" has been more then helpful and professional. You all are the best of the best! :up:


Aug 21, 2002
I too would like to put my 2 cents worth in about Pit. You guys--no not using the southern ya'll--are the best. From my special friend who used to be in tkting and is from the West. Come on out and get on board with the new U. She helped me so many times while my son went to the Art Institute. All of my other friends from Orlando, Reno, and Indy plus those who transferred in during closings I give you my best. I'm sorry I never opted for Pit, but I am a true Pa person. For those of you going to INT be sure they throw you a "pig pickin" and tell them all I say Hi. Also, take your Steeler stuff with you cause the Panthers are terrible. I'll miss that good old Pa accent but can tell where you're from even if you're in the South. Pit was the true begining of U and it will be a sad day when it closes--even though you will not have to trudge out to the port a potty during a snow storm. Be careful though in INT when they have an ice storm. They don't know how to drive in the stuff and watch out for tornadoes. I remember when one hopped over the building several years ago.
You are all great people and HP will take good care of your Chairman's Preferred people for you. God Speed and enjoy your new found time with your family.
drifterreno said:
I too would like to put my 2 cents worth in about Pit. You guys--no not using the southern ya'll--are the best.

Y'all is not proper Pittsburghese. The proper term is yuns. Y'all is said only by outsiders.
"Hey yuns guys!"
"Woo yuns are awesome!!!"
"Yuns eating turkey and watching the Steelers?"
"Sure would love to hear from yuns!" :lol:
Dec 6, 2003
I'm proud to had been part of the team in Greentree, truly the best. Although it's been many years since working there, it's hard to think, this is it. Best of luck, and Thank-You All, for making our work at the ATOs that much easier..Keep Smiling!!! :)


Aug 8, 2004
Athens, WV
A big thank you to all at PIT rez who have helped me in the past 18 years of flying US. I could not have done much of what I needed without your help. You folks are the BEST!!!! :up: :up: :up:


Dec 29, 2002
To the PIT Res agents,

Best to all of you as you embark on the rest of your life. And thanks for tens of years in servicing the customers and employees and keeping U alive.


Jan 17, 2004
Tomorrow will be a sad day, but the roller coaster is finally coming to an end. Please wait until the ride stops completely and exit to the right. I have spent the last three months saying good bye to people I have grown to care about. You have become the best of friends and the most dependable of shoulders to lean on. You have never ceased to amaze me with your zeal to help a coworker in need and you continue to amaze me with the strength you've exhibited by carrying on. Only God knows what tomorrow brings and He will never place more than we can bare on our shoulders. God Bless you all, keep ypu safe, and guide down the path before you. I will miss you tremendously!

To all those non revs I have had the pleasure of speaking with and the preferred members who have shown so much support. You will be missed as well! I have enjoyed our laughs through thousands of conversations and the words of wisdom you have sometimes shared. The ticket agents, gate agents, baggage, and the countless others who have helped me throughout my employment have my greatest gratitude for helping in some pretty crazy situations. Thank you!



Aug 19, 2002
Best of luck to all in Pit Res.....

It is hard to believe this day has arrived. The res group works very very hard and with little appreciation or respect. To take irate calls day after day, and solve lots of problems takes a special dedicated compassionate type of person.
I've worked in three res offices and have found my coworkers to be outstanding.

I know most of the employees starting their new careers and endeavors will find much success and happiness. And I wish each of you much peace and harmony in your lives.

You will be missed.

God Bless....

Thank you for always helping me out with ticketing, csd calls, and for taking good care of our passengers.


Aug 30, 2002
All - I am much more active on flyertalk, and posted this last night. Several folks on there encouraged me to re-post it here. In lieu of starting a new thread, I decided to add it here. Hope you enjoy. Its a story about a great man starting a new phase of his life.



Last One Out at PIT RES - Turn off the Lights

Over the years, I have written over 1000 posts to this forum. At various points in time I have referenced "a family member" working for the company as reason for either being pro or con. Tonight the veil is lifted. While I dont feel like Bob Woodward discussing Deep Throat for the first time, its therapeutic for me to put this reflection out here for all of you to see. I hope you find it worth reading.

Tomorrow, July 29, 2005 at 6pm, will be the last day for the PIT (Greentree) RES office. At that time several hundred US employees, including my father, will punch out for the last time. He's done this job for as long as I can remember, and in fact, much longer than I have been alive - 43 years.

In those 43 years he has witnessed about as many US CEOs as Presidents. He has dealt with tens of thousands of customers. He has made hundreds, if not thousands, of US employee friends that I continue to meet across the US system when checking in (and boy, do I hear some killer stories). His job put my sister and I through college and helped us to travel around the world. In short, his career and life have been nothing but successful.

I have learned alot from my father: how to deal with people, how to solve problems, and how to put on a happy face even when doing something you don't like to do. One of the things my dad tried to teach me that I never quite got was how to fish. But I put on a happy face anyway.

While I can remember many fond work stories over time, I haven't heard many good ones since around 1992 (when his salary was higher than it was last year). I suspect his face hurts from forcing a smile for more than 10 years.

Despite working 43 years, my father is not at social security minimum retirement age (62). Now he gets to look for a job for a year or two, if not three, just to kill time until he is allowed to retire and receive partial SS benefits.

Many of us have told about how its "the employees" who keep us loyal to US Airways. For me, of course, it has been more personal.
Since beginning my professional career I have gone to ridiculous lengths at times to ensure my money went to his company to partially support my father's salary: taken connecting flights when direct or nonstop on other airlines was available, paid for A-class tickets, and of course paid through the nose to fly on US from PIT.

But as of tomorrow, my loyalty is up for bid. I'm sure some of you will say I am being petty, but hey we all have reasons for choosing the airlines we give business to. Luckily, as US continues to slowly close the shop in PIT, its a good time to shop around.

I'll still be flying on US in the future - as my family and I burn several hundred thousand more miles and when US has the cheapest and most convenient flights compared to others - so hopefully I will continue to see you. But my days of blindly giving US money is over. You might say I am luckier than some of you - I have a good reason to get out now.

So for those of you using the RES line tonight and tomorrow, ask if you're talking to someone in PIT, and if so, please wish them well. The few people still working there in general have spent most of their lives serving us; the most recent years have been a real challenge but they've put on their game faces and showed up to play anyway.

So to close, let me just add one last note - to the fish of Western Pennsylvania - watch your back, cause my dad is calling off work for a while.
May 19, 2003
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Thanks for sharing this personal story. I hope your dad enjoys many years of happiness and catching the big ones. As you know, it is the employees like your dad that kept us on US all these years.

I just logged on quickly to see if there was any news on the party tonight at the Holiday Inn. It is with much regret that I'm in LAS and taking a red eye home tonight. I had planned on attending with the other members of ffocus and this forum and thanking the many fine folks who have worked so hard for all of us over the years.

You wil be missed.

Those in CCY will not. How do you sleep at night?

One of our agents was talking about PITRR today and one of her friends used to work there and how she helped my agent with issues all the time when one of us wasn't around or help desk wasn't answering... normally most Express employees could care less about what big daddy is doing but it took me by surprise at how upset she was about res being outsourced to people who barely speak english.

It sucks whats going on at our airline, I'm personally former Air Canada FLL/MIA that got laid off with Milton's first rounds of cuts (... and most of my staff are former Piedmont part 2 (also laid off when station transitioned to "another USX carrier").... its hard to think that people like me have replaced mainline US people who used to have a mortgage & could afford kids doing the same job i'm doing, except i'm 1/2 the cost :(

I personally dealt with a few supervisors at PIT Res & had great experiences with them.... even though every time they called it was because one of us did something outside of policy or flexed our "SI7 powers" :p

So if any of ya from PIT wanna use what's left of your flight benefits and come down to the "southernmost US city" in our system, give us a ring at our station and we'll get you in touch with a few hotels & vendors that give USAir employees mega discounts & deals.... as well as let ya guys know the best times to come visit and enjoy a "margarita" while jammin to "Cheeseburger in Paradise"... fyi call extension xx64 not xx10 or xx50 on dialnet. Loads are good for non-revs for the next couple of weeks...

(don't even TRY to get discounts around the last week of October).