They expect APFA to pass T/A?


Sep 4, 2002
I could buy some of this if it weren''t for 2 issues. First, Ward and Allen both said that an extension was not possible last week. Second, they gave the exact numbers of yes, no, and ineligible vote. If that isn''t vote tampering, I don''t know what is. Nice to know that we live in a time and place where money buys votes. Oh, but isn''t that why we invaded Iraq, so they could have a fair democratic government for the people and by the people?
They have a pretty good idea of how many people called in to try to change their vote. It sounds like that number was higher than the required 267.
I found it highly suspicious myself that all last week it was "No, the bylaws say you can''t change, no we''re not going to allow it." etc. Then all of a sudden, as soon at it is shown that everybody else passed the contract, APFA starts backpedaling like the Republican Guard.

Gee, one wonders if they were thinking that some other workgroup was going to vote this contract down (Now who they would have thought that about?), and so they would be covered by saying "Well, they voted it down too..."


I only hope it will Pass. But for those who do not want it to pass I respect your right to vote and make an informed decision and I will not treat anyone any different based on how they vote. If it passes I hope we all benifit from it and come out stronger. If it fails to pass and we go into BK I hope you no voters are right and the judge takes care of us and we come out stronger. I truly believe that the no voters will be happy in the long run if it passes and we survive to be happy another day. I will eat crow and pull the foot out of my mouth if BK and the no vote is the way to better this company and I too will be happy in the long run if it goes the no vote way.

I really just want the company to survive no matter what happens. The one thing I agree with all the UNIONS is 6 years is too damn long. Good luck to everyone.