To Chip Munn: Code share SFO/DCA?


Aug 20, 2002
Chip, I''ll ask you because you seem to be the one that stays on top of all this stuff.
Why can''t a potential DCASFO flight be a codeshare to SFO? I read where it can''t be a codeshare because of the codeshare agreement involving DC area? What is that all about? and what about DEN, ORD, CLT, PIT...can''t these be codeshare stations also? What gives?
One of the caveats of the US/UA Alliance receiving a DOT blessing was no codesharing from the DC area (IAD/DCA/BWI) to cities other than what covers the LGA/BOS/DCA shuttle. This, I do not believe would hurt the US chances for approval on this route (which are very good IMO), because the US code would be on UA and UAX routes to and from SFO. The only thing is UA passengers would need to book it through US I assume, as the flight will not have a UA code on it. I am not 100% sure how it affects the reciprocity agreement with the FF programs.
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[P][SPAN class=para][FONT face=Times New Roman][FONT size=3][SPAN class=para]N628AU is correct. The airlines agreed to restrictions to limit anticompetitive behavior and promised they would compete independently on fares and service. [/SPAN]Under the restrictions, the airlines cannot: [/FONT][/FONT][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=para][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]- Code share on local traffic on routes where both offer nonstop service, such as Philadelphia-Los Angeles. [/FONT][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=para][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]- Code-share on nonstop flights to the same destination from Dulles International Airport or Reagan Washington National Airport, except for flights among Washington, LaGuardia Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport. [/FONT][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=para][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]- Have different fares on routes served by only one airline. [/FONT][/SPAN][/P]
[P][SPAN class=para][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]- Fail to act independently when establishing their frequent flier programs and bidding corporate contracts. [/FONT][/SPAN][/P]
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