Top Ten Wikileaks Hildabeast Clinton scandals

notice how the leftys here are quite on this,like their counterparts in the media.It's better to divert attention to what I think a false accusations that are magically falling out of the sky.
At some point they will hopefully be forced to
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There is a coup to bring down the Clinton I hear.
Yes, what I was told there is FBI agents that had more than enough of the DOJ, mostly Lynch's obfuscation and constant disparaging of the FBI director Comey since his reopening of the investigation. By the DNC, Dirty "Harry" Reid, Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi, Chucktard Schumer, and finally the Hildabeast herself.

Hildabeasts minions are going to sing like a song bird on a FBI Sunday morning. Huma Weiner going to prison for her corrupt boss? Not a chance. She will talk, and talk she will.

Hildabeast has her Watergate, times 1000.
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Using Wikileaks as a reference is reprehensible.
I do not care what your politics are.
Wikileaks is manipulated and unsubstantiated.
Right, like if this mess was a republican let alone Trump, there wouldn't be a 10,000 blaring loudspeakers in every US city screaming "Crooked Trump" 24/7 on every libtard news channel with a spokes mouth? Lynch at the DOJ would have diamond studded 24 carrot gold handcuffs special made just for Trump, like white on rice.

In case your forgot, the laptop containing Huma Weiner and Tony Weiner emails are not Wikileaks.

Do the Danger Dance Hypocritical X
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