Unhappy Americans ask to secede from US

Tell us southwind, why does..not believing in the concept of 'Immaculate conception' ,..qualify (in your twisted mind) a person being an atheist ?????????????????????? (Jews don't believe in " I C ". Are THEY Atheists) ????

You are right, and I apologise 'Tree for misconstruing your post !

Racists up North ? Of Course. BUT, you good ol' boys..STARTED..this African hatred, and from all accounts are still at it.

Just to clear this 'hatred business up southwind,......I..Hate.......H A T E R S !!!!!!!!!!!
For example; You HATE Unions. (like those of us who belong to them are in your twisted mind, some kind of unamerican members of a satanic cult) OK, no problem. You HATE unions,.........I HATE You ! See, it's not Rocket Science.

Truth be told, my wife LOVES the 'Darn things (grits), but aside from those nasty things, IMHO a southern breakfast can't be beat ! Honest !

Eolesen,.................You DO, what YOU gotta' DO brother !!!!!!!!!!


How they hangin' ??? : ) : ) : )

Funny, lots of places forcing people to work 6 ten/twelve hour days. Don't like it, quit.
Most state labor laws are worded in favor of the employer too.
Why do some Republicans go to the EXTREME reaction of secession when they don't get their way? Texan secessionist got over 70,000 signatures! A bunch of whiners that wrap themselves in our beautiful flag, then the so-called patriots threaten to CUT and RUN. I had to endure the 12 years of the Bush Presidencies, never did I think of trying seceed from the country I LOVE.

Secessionists are PATHETIC.

Unlike the Libtards when Bush won a re-election :p

I remember many wanted to run to Canada. Ain't that right, Pot? :p
Still are. What do you think is stopping companies from going back to the work rules/pay of the '20's & '30's?

No they're not.

Perhaps but I don't think there is proof one way or the other.

I think over time the mission of Unions and how they are perceived has changed. I had the pleasure of working as a manger who interacted with the flight attendant union.

I think unions are becoming more interested in their own well being as opposed to the well being of their members or the company that their employees work for. The unions on AA 's property seemed be primarily interested in recovering their lost wages. That's all fine and dandy but the company is losing money and to be kind, that seems a bit unrealistic. The APFA protected employees who should not have been protected. Unions in my opinion allow workers who are lazy and incompetent to flourish.

On the other side of the track you have incompetent management. The goal seems to be to make the most money they can for them selves and the state holders while screwing the workers.

I think if unions would focus more on making things equal they might have more support. For instances, had the AA unions negotiated a contract that tied their wages and managements wages to profitability they would be more credible. If exec get bonuses so do the employees. If the employees take a 10% cut then so do the execs.

Perhaps hold employees responsible for their actions. Novel idea but it could work.

As far as I am concerned unions and management deserve each other. They have both lost their way and the employees get lost in the shuffle because neither of them actually give a rats ass about theire well being. Yes their are exceptions but I think they are few and far between.
Unlike the Libtards when Bush won a re-election :p

I remember many wanted to run to Canada. Ain't that right, Pot? :p
Ok, "Kettle", you got me............

Some of our lefty crybabies that actually wanted to leave the U.S. are smart enough to realize that the Canadian political system is "left leaning."

Compared to some of your righty crybabies, the ones who wrap themselves in "Old Glory" then want to cut and run to ............. WTF?...........Australia????

A "left leaning" country where the Australian Prime Minister is Julia Gillard, an atheist who lives with a man she hasn't married and has:
Universal healthcare system
Compulsary voting
No Guns
No Death Penalty
No dual citizenship allowed.

But the weather is nice!