United FA's meet the Bus...

Even with this agreement, it didn't cause additional UA F/A's to be furloughed did it? Those currently on furlough chose to be there so I don't see what AFA did wrong.
The count is in. Less than 1% of the 14,000+ United flight attendants had any interest the CO cross-over.
A final total of 119 was awarded today by United.

And you're right NYCDelta: We have NO involuntary F/A furloughs at United. As a matter of fact we have "professional furloughees" who only look to the next furlough while keeping their seniority, their medical and their passes.

Jim Lively, the 119 who took the crossover do NOT have a choice to return to United until a combined contract ratified. That could be months, that could be years. And yes, they will return at that time with their full United seniority. Until then they are at (or near with any new hires) the bottom of the CO seniority list.

Now Dapos, why don't you go find that bus for yourself?

Sorry Jimntx, you're right, but I couldn't help myself.
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Can anyone tell me why then is Continental hiring fas? What will happen to these new hires? The daughter of a family friend just went down to HOU for the interview and was among the 20 out of 300 selected to "hear back within a week". Does anyone on this board know what will happen to these new hires once the seniority list is merged? I work for another major carrier and am not familiar with the interview process at the new United. The one I work for, when you were selected for round 2, you knew you made it when they sent you to medical the very same day. She came back from the interview, very excited and said she was one of the 20 chosen to stay behind that day.