Cal Fa's Reject T/a

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FA Mikey said:
OK lets see you are only an observer of the company you work for and there plans. But for the competition you state, we can take it to the bank.
I am not stating it only for the competition. I am stating that for F/As at ALL airlines, DB pensions are a thing of the past. Get used to it. (Or not; keep having unrealistic expectations about it; doesn't matter to me.) The new nature of the industry, coupled with the trend away from it in general outside the airline industry, simply won't permit it.

Yes, WN does have a retirement plan.
They do not have a defined benefit pension plan, which is what I said.

With the stock market rising
:D Have you checked the numbers for last week?

As far as people lined up to do this job, gone are those days.
Check out the thread about CO hiring F/As -- there are already a couple of people wetting themselves to get in on the glamor.

The job maybe classified as unskilled, but I have found the level of education and the back grounds of many of these people I hawork with to be quite extensive. I am sure if something happened to AA the FA's will do just fine for themselves in the job market.
That's nice, but irrelevant. I was talking about the fact that there are plenty of people willing to do the F/A job for no pension. The fact that some F/As have more qualifications than necessary doesn't matter.

You are heading in to 2 1/2 years in BK with no end in sight. Losing 3 million plus dollars a day. ... Your company is completely relevant as you guys bring down the bar on wage and benefits. As your company was dropping fares in an attempt to get some revenue to stay afloat. ... There are no barbs directed at you, but your company.
Nope, not "my" UAL anymore! :up: But I do still like to keep an eye on things from my previous life. For the record, I also speak up when UA employees say something ridiculous like how swell things are going for UA.

U and UAL sinking and trying to bringing the down the rest of the industry with them.
Nice try at revisionism. But if I remember correctly, AA F/As led the way with massive concessions while NOT in BK. So then UA -- IN BK -- pointed to AA to say they have to lower labor costs more since non-BK AA lowered the bar so much. Nice going APFA! :blink:

Not with BK companies bringing down the industry filling the air with seats below cost.
They're only below cost for companies still trying to fund DB pensions for their F/As. (See why DB pensions for F/As are almost extinct?)

I frankly do not see major changes happening. ... The ugly times will continue until the industry house cleaning is in order.
Well which is it? No more major changes, or will housecleaning continue?

The failed carriers must be shut down and let the stronger try to survive.
Agreed. But "failed" will soon mean U, UA, DL, CO, and AA, unless major changes happen to them. And with some employees still in total denial, I don't see the necessary major changes happening outside of Ch.11 to make them see the light.

If such a time comes where AA is the weaker I will advocate pulling the plus.
Yeah right.

Then explain how much better of AUL is to AA?
Where have I ever said UA is doing better than AA? I think I have made it quite clear that I agree with you that UA right now is doing worse than AA.
Bear96 said:

SWA's plans is more expensive than AA's DB. I dont see any reason to change it.

CAL maybe hiring a few people but the desire for the job and the competition for the job that existed when we came on no longer exisits. AA was having a hard time finding people near the end of its last hiring in 2000.

Yea the AA employees were the first OUTSIDE of BK. But UAL and U set the bar low prior to us being screwed by AA and our former union president. Dont forget AA FA's were the first to vote NO. Now its lawsuits to set straight the real vote.

BK is the not the end all house cleaning. Not everyone will have to go there. Others may just chapter 7. AA can do nearly as much outside of BK and keep all the benefits of business they lose by filing.
UAL_TECH said:
And you think we are not sinking?
We are Still loosing +/-$3 mill a day.
Adding capacity to the Asia market will simply do the same for it as it has done to the domestic market.


For the U'tanic to tell the rest of the community that 'they' are sinking speaks of the myopia that plagues some of the UA 'die hard(s)'.

:p  UT
Who said anything about not sinking. You must open your eyes, UA is being sucked down like the rest of them only were leading the pack.
Borescope said:
Who said anything about not sinking. You must open your eyes, UA is being sucked down like the rest of them only were leading the pack.

I was replying to this quote:

Borescope @ Mar 31 2005 said:
If you read their agreement with Boeing (SEC Filing), they aren't "Paying" for these aircraft. They are Leasing them with no up front cash. As soon as they put them into service they will generate revenue which will be used to pay the leases. Maintaince will be covered by Boeing since they will all be under warrantee. Cost for the aircraft will be minimal to CAL. Congrats to they employees at CAL who actually see what is happening in the industry and realize they aren't isolated from it's problems. FA's, BOHICA, only deeper. Oh, and don't forget the vasoline your going to need it

How much are you ready to give (again)?

What ever they say. I'm just here to #### in the mess kit. I could really care less if UA makes it or dies. Maybe that's some of the ol' FISH rubbing off on me. :p There just isn't much more that they could take that could make it worse than it is now.
Gee, I thought this thread had something to do with the TA rejection by the Continental flight attendants. My mistake.