US Airways back in bed with Boeing?


Oct 6, 2002
First 767 went into commercial service in 1982. First A320 went into service in 1988. If US ditches the 767s because of the age of the airframe design, it stands to reason the 320 series won't be far behind.

Assuming that Airbus cannot get their crap together on the 350 (likely), the best solution for US is to replace the existing 733/734 fleet with some combination of A320 series (sorry, BoeingBoy) and E190/195 (sorry ALPA), keep the 757s for long thin ETOPS missions and go with the 787 for everything else. Failing that, convert the 350 orders to 332 orders for longer/thinner oceanic ops and accept the inferior performance of the 330.

I agree..... with byfour!..... except I think 787 for LCC talk is just fantasy.


Aug 26, 2002
And that KC767 controversy is the only thing that provides a shred of hope for another new 767. That airframe is a 30-year-old dinosaur. No question that if it wasn't for politics, we'd have Airbus tankers for the Air Force already.

How many 30+ yr old Airbus airplanes do you know of that are still in service? Im sure you are aware that the 767's the Air Force wants to aquire are replacements for the 707's and DC 10's they are currently flying. Machines that were built to last. Neither of which are currently in production and havent been in production for some time...
Boeing builds a superior product that is built to last the test of time. Another example would be that old dinosaur called the B 52. The very airplane that causes those on the business end of it to run and hide......