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Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
When US halted service to DCA from ISP back in July, they also announced they had re-applied for the route and planned to run two round trips a day. Does anyone know the status of the application, or have they withdrawn it. This route was very convenient for many people in the area, and gave some connecting customers the option to avoid PHL altogether.

I also wonder about the strength of the PHL Buzz Buckets are retired, will ISP just go away?
They are down to 3 rt a day, and the really early morning run is gone....earliest is 7:30.


My best to you all.....
Convenient?  For the passengers?  Now, you've done it.  They'll probably send in wrecking crews next to demolish the terminal and dig up the runways.  Hope you're happy.
Plan B would be to re-establish the route with a change of planes at DFW or MIA.  :lol:
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JJ, WN did save ISP. However, now that WN has access to LGA, and the Wright Amendment has gone bye-bye, WN's ISP operation might very well get "re-thought." If an airline can fly a 737 directly into NYC, why would they send the same airplane to Long Island instead?
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US doesn't have to apply to serve ISP. They just need to use one or more of the several hundred slots they currently have.

They are trying to regain some of the slots they lost in order to serve ISP with newly acquired slots but they could restart ISP flights now if they wanted to.
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the master of fantasy does not get that the airline picked the flights that stood the best chance for profitability and ISP didn't make the cut - however if it can get another slot it would be first up
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If there was demand at a profitable yield, there would be more than three Dash 8s per day. Per the announcement today, Piedmont will start replacing the Dashes with ERJ145s, so Piedmont (or someone else) is likely to continue serving the route for a while.

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