Us Flight Emergency Landing In Mia 10/28


Aug 22, 2002
channel 6 news in Philly reported yesterday that a US B757 took-off out of FLL, reported low hydrualic pressure, dumped fuel in the Atlantic and made an emergency landing in MIA without brakes. All 105 passengers and crew on board were safe. Does anyone know any further details. BTW: Kudos to the crew for a safe landing!
I heard on our phlly local nbc 10 new last evening that is was a drop in hydralic pressure and the plane came out of MIA and made an emergence landing in FLL.
I dont know much other than that accodring to our nbc 10 news
It was flight #435 and landed in MIA at 4:45. Don't know exactly what happened but it was an ex Eastern aircraft.
A 757 can't dump fuel. A loss of one hydraulic system will not loose the brakes (neither will loss of 2 or all 3) you still have accumulator braking. I suggest that the MIA news is once again selling advertising, film at 11.
Don't listen to the "news" cause it ain't.