USAir & iam vs The Ramp (As I See It)

Ramp Rogue

Aug 19, 2002
The task ask hand is to vote NO or YES. But there is more involved than just a NO or YES vote. The USAir family is comprised of several families. Each with their own agendas concerning their USAir livelihoods. Each with the impression that one family is being treated better than the next. The ramp family, when compared to our closest sibling (passenger service) are just about equal in all aspects but one. That one aspect being seniority. Passenger Service uses Hire Date seniority for all purposes,(i applaud the CWA for getting hire date for them) while the ramp doesn''t. Which for us that means that when it is time for furloughs a senior agent could be furloughed while ramp agents junior to us will still be working. That is unfair no matter how you look at it. Here is the kicker, do I vote yes on the concession proposal for paycuts knowing that when the furloughs come, there will be a packet with my name on it? Which would be voting for something that in know way would benefit me, for I will be in the first group of furloughees. Or do I vote NO and place my fate in the hands of the judge? To give my vote to the company & union, I know i''m 100% screwed. To give my vote to the judge, I''m probably still screwed, but it''s a 50-50 chance that I''m not. Hopefully if it gets to the judge, the judge will have compassion and acknowledge all of our seniority with the company and not just some of it like the company & union does. If not, I rolled the dice and will accept the consequences. I wish each USAir family the best of luck in these trying times. I VOTE NO!!!!! [:(]

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