Way to go Upper Management


Jul 31, 2003
For the SECOND week in a row U''s Scheduling has called the Flight Attendant Supervisors to PROTECT the Operation of Flights. Once again U''s Management has NO CLUE of what they are doing. The weekend of July 26 NO Supervisor flew, however the weekend of Aug 2 PHL and CLT Supervisors were called to fly. Walking around the terminal this weekend there was NOTHING but DELAYS and CANCELLATIONS. OH, but it just the Flight Attendants that are short, they are having the SAME problem with PILOTS. Your flight maybe delayed because the Pilot who is working your flight is ILLEGAL so now they are having to wait to get another pilot who is on rest and you have to wait till they are coming LEGAL or you have to wait for a pilot to come from one of the other bases. We think we have PROBLEMS now way until September when we are getting rid of more Flight Attendants. I would think that this has to cost U more money then having to actually pay the crews to be on property. I wonder how many MILLIONS Sigel and his Management Team are getting for ALL OF THE BAD DECISIONS THAT ARE BEING MADE. I hope the BOD reads the Forums here and I hope that they will hold Dave and his Team Accountable for their actions and that if Dave can''t handle U then maybe we need to find a CEO and a MANAGEMENT TEAM that will bring up the Morale of the Employees, a TEAM that doesn''t LIE to your FACE and a TEAM that wants to be here.
The whole crew (cabin or cockpit) shortage issue further illustrates my point that Dave and Dave don't know a thing about operating a business as an ongoing concern.

I guess it never occured to any of these business school grads that WEATHER might play havoc with the numbers for an AIRLINE with CREWS who have FAA and contractual limits on duty time.

Amazing. A 19 year old college sophomore in management has more operational knowledge than the current crop of bozos.

That is exactly the point.

Today, AFA got on Labor Relations to save the jobs of those who were cited for "refusal to fly", when called on their days off and those who were sick.

I believe the company is slowly getting it, and I believe that Siegel is on noticed as he was e-mailed the entire weekend by the AFA PIT President for this kind of inept crap by his management.

There is no sick call problem. There just is not enough crews and now the sick is under a magnified glass.

And if this company really thought they had a "sick problem" issue, then SIT DOWN WITH AFA AND ALPA TO RESOLVE IT INSTEAD OF SITTING ON YOUR KNUCKLES.
It's hard to keep a sickout or slowdown secret. A bunch of folks I've had long acquaintances with are U flight and cabin crews. NOBODY has suggested or even hinted at such a thing. In the current climate, ALPA/AFA would be insane to go this route.

The crackdown is due to the Palace not wanting to admit they screwed the pooch.