What''s your favorite Aircraft?

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
DC-10. Even though everything was in the lower lobe and needed to be sent up after takeoff. The service always flowed. A good number 2 in the LLB made the uperdeck service fast and easy.

The plane was configured for 34/256. Only 1 time had a problem. Was my first time as 1 on the 10. The P lift broke as we were pushing back. Full boat, dinner to ORD from DFW. We did it. I had 6 carts up for landing between the mid service center and the aft coffee bar.

Number 2 was a premo spot. Down stairs with the walkman and some tennis shoes. Only came up to plate F/C and help P/U coach when we didn't have a number 9 and 10.

I miss that plane. A flying tank. Nothing seemed to be able ot shake it in the air.
767.Lots of room to move and big aft galley. When I first started, we had up to 10 fas, and now I hear they are going on with just barely 6 fas.How times have changed, and quickly too. Very sad.
In terms of ease - Purser in the 319. In terms of, ahem, glamour, the '47-400. It always felt like how flying was meant to be. And in terms of Pass-riding, my comfy seat in the triple 7. sorry flyertalkers!!
DC10 was my favorite plane till we retired them! The LLG was my home! I would crank the air down to 40, turn the lights down low and hustle!
Purser wasn't bad either, just a lot more work.
Now it's the 777, so many places to hide from the "heathens". :huh:
My favorite is still the 747-400. I normally fly the Asian routes, and this is the one we take. Unfortunately, I usually am juniored into working upper deck, which isn't such a great thing (we have to take care of the pilots :down: ) and every passenger in business wants to be up there. I've had it full up there before and there were only about 10 people main deck...grrrrrr. But for overall, great planes.....this is the one. IMHO


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My fav. is the Super 80-sometime after the service in y/c sitting on the jumpseat between the 2 lavs is great....on a 3 plus hr flight-when we used to do meals on it-wow it was fun...
the 737-800 as well...great bird even full..........
Mine use to be the DC-10. The LLB what memories. Not dealing with passengers for the entire trip, awesome! Going down below taking off my shoes and putting sandals on, removing the tie and turning on the stereo that I brought from home!! The best part of being down in the LLB was banging on the top of the galley and scaring the you know what out of the passengers above :shock: . Now my favorite plane is the 777.
Of the ones I got to work before furloughed, I loved the 767 even position #5 (f/c galley). (Note to Diva: On my last sequence before furlough, I was #5 on a full 767, DFW-MIA. We had 5 flight attendants. 2 in First, 3 in coach!!! We were almost jerking the sundaes out of the f/c pax hands during prepare for landing.)

Of the narrowbodies, I loved working f/c on the 757.

Plane I hated: Fokker 100.

Plane I love to be on as a passenger: 747 (mostly because that means I'm crossing the Pacific to Australia or the Orient).
Domestically, my favorite aircraft is the A319. What a dream. If you are lead, beverage cart of galley it is all easy. Great layovers, wide aisles, and roomy bins. A really bad trip can fly by on the A319.

Internationally, I would have to say the 747-400. I would like to get a trip on the new A330 and I am sure that would quickly become my favorite. I hate the DC-10 internationally, 2 in the front 5 in the back, what a worker.