Why AA employees Loathe Management- forbes article


Hey stock clerk, I see your back slining your typical IAM industrial union bs. Specially after you laid into josh the same way I did with you. Just tell us how much dell got as a salary during his leadership role at AMFA.
That is his retirement.

Just how much does the IAM leadership get every yr? What will they get or do the retired ATD members of the IAM get? Why don't you post that? Oh just how much does the TWU atd members make every yr? What will they get when they retire? Admitt it you just hate the thought of AMFA replacing your almighty IAM, or the TWU.

Again go back to the US board and spread your crap there you ar not Affiliated with the IAM now and are NOT or ever will be a mechanic. Your not in any way or should you have a say as to what happens at AA or during this mereger with AA and USAir since it won't effect you at all.

You and your pal joshie are quite a pair.

Don't go away mad just GO AWAY.....

The IAM has a Learjet, here is 700's spin on that from January:

All the IAM staff, are unionized, there is an IAM Reps association that represents all the IAM workers at Headquarters, and those in the field who are reps higher than the district level.

When the plane came to CLT for an IP visit, we handled the aircraft and unionized fuelers fueled it.

Where ever possible the plane is handled by unionized workers.


IAM form LM-2 is available at:

search file number 000-107

Keep in mind the officers receive compensation above and beyond these levels in the form of reimbursements of expenses for union business, not to mention a union pension upon retirement, use of the Learjet, transportation officials receive positive space travel on IAM represented carriers. Add to the mix the retirement benefits from their carrier of employment.

The Lear is only used by the IP and some members of the Executive Council, most travel is done on paid tickets, bought from Metropolitan Travel Agency.

The only members that receive positive space travel are the reps from those airlines and only for union business, and that is a cost savings to the membership.

When I was a rep, the only time I could use my PS was for legitimate union business, ie, negotiations, arbitrations and union meetings, or conferences and conventions.
Well, you have to understand. Being head cheerleader for the company, FWAAA must find a reason to discredit any article that has anything negative to say about AMR or its management. Otherwise, he may be required to turn in his pom poms and his cute pleated skirt. Ergo, the notation of the gigantic difference between the concessions figures stated and the actual figure. Of course, if someone made some negative statement regarding a .18billion screw up by the company management, FWAAA would call it chump change.

There's no need to be an ass, Ralph.
point of order noted........but the tone and facts are undisputed so who cares who wrote it. Around here there is no one who disagrees with the article and i mean 100%

I'm sure there are no employees who would disagree with something pointing out the flaws of management, but as FWAAA already noted, I wouldn't call all the statements he's making as being based on fact.

Another example -- the SERP that is so maligned... it was created at least a decade earlier than 2003, if not in 1983 or 1984 when AMR as a holding company was formed. It was definitely around for Crandall's tenure, if not Casey's.

And yet another -- the so-called "super secret A-5 travel classification" for union officials. It's so secret that it has been published in Regs, star records used by airport agents, Focus manuals, the Trip Book, and probably somewhere on Jetnet.

In other words, it's hardly a secret to anyone who paid attention. Just like the SERP...

His villification of Arpey? Totally ignores the fact he turned down a raise in 2003 when he took over as CEO, and IIRC, turned down his initial PSP/PUP payment from 2006.

Sure, Finger's made some valid points, but I wouldn't call this even half accurate. At the end of the day, it's still an opinion blog by some guy who wants to make a statement. It's no different than one of Bob Owens or WT's tomes, aside from the fact it's being published on a website carrying a name which used to be associated with a much higher degree of credibility and accuracy in reporting than what the print and online media exhibit today.
although he is a little off with facts, many of us in Aircraft maintenance agree with his views dealing with our class and craft

I'm not arguing that. Anytime someone points out the cozy relationship between AA management and the unions' leadership, that's enough to whip the rank and file into a frenzy.

There's no need for you to sully your good name by saying things like "the facts are undisputed" when the guy doesn't pay attention to the facts. As professional aircraft mechanics, attention to detail is your stock in trade. Richard Finger sounds like the kind of guy who wouldn't care how about the spacing of wire ties or whether bolts were torqued to the specified amount.

Agree with his ideas, sure, but to do that you don't have to adopt his sloppy recitation of the facts.
Did you cash your AA Corp and ARSA checks at the same place Delle cashed his $500K check for shafting all those NWA members?

Loved the attendance at the MSC. Looks like everyone is bailing on your Vegas junket.
where did you cash your stock options?
What about the $500,000 that Delle Femme got?
Members never voted on it and its not in AMFA's constitution.

And how about his, this is quite interesting too, collecting dues money from members you dont want in your union:
How is it slinging if it is the truth?

Nothing in AMFA's constitution about providing a retirement to him, now is there?

2012 constitution.


Try page 54 Para D.

How about the 2009 constitution?
Same page and Paragraph.

How about the 1996 AMFA constitution while Delle was National Director?


Yup, still there too.
Article VI section 9 last line.

The 500K was used to puchase an annuity to fund Delle's retirement of $3700 a month.
Which is a retirement payment that is less than I will be drawing.

You can repeat the same lies over and over, but they will still just be lies.
He worked for AA for three years in the 60s and never turned a wrench after, so AA wasnt AMFA so how was he given a pension?
He worked for AA for three years in the 60s and never turned a wrench after, so AA wasnt AMFA so how was he given a pension?
He was AMFA National Director for decades and was entitled to a pension.
Try reading the constitution.

I gave you the links.
Do I have to read it to you also?
He worked for AA for three years in the 60s and never turned a wrench after, so AA wasnt AMFA so how was he given a pension?

He retired effective Jan 1, 2008.

At that time the 2004 constitution was still in effect, and his pension was quite clearly covered under Article:XIV Section:9 Para: E

E) A retirement plan equal to the highest paying retire-ment plan of any active member in this Association shall be provided to any National officer lacking such a plan from a represented airline. For National officers lacking an AMFA employer retirement plan, the Association may self fund a retirement account, untouchable for any other purpose unless so voted by National Convention delegates, rather than funding with an insurance company.
He retired effective Jan 1, 2008.

At that time the 2004 constitution was still in effect, and his pension was quite clearly covered under Article:XIV Section:9 Para: E

Thanks for that.
I have a paper copy of that one but can't put my fingers on it right now.
Well, you just proved you're an AA management employee with access to personnel records, or you have someone in AA management feeding you confidential information. No one knows my middle name. I may pursue this.

It was pretty common knowledge that Ralph was your alter-ego when you were moderating here, Jim...

Nobody really knew why you chose that pseudonym. Middle name makes as much sense as anything else...