Why UA is Ready to Unite

Sorry Beauty but I still call BS on you. You are not holding Christmas off (and xmas eve) with, what is it? 2006!!!!, seniority. The bases require a 25% reserve pool, so I doubt that there are enough below you to manage that. :lol:

Little fyi, those stats are actually quite effective in determining seniority and what it can hold. Seniority is everything and that chart determines if you have some or if you don't. At one base you can be considered senior where at another base you may be junior (in your case, it's moot....your junior).

So tell me, who are you 'trading' with to get international trips? Obviously you found a band full of "special ed" f/a's who like crappy trips and trade their SYD to you or you are BSing again. (I'm seeing a pattern) Or perhaps you want us to believe that of all the 2657 f/as in SFO, in which you are probably #2400, that all those people have missed a marvelous international trip and you got it. Right! :huh:

fyi, I think DCA Int'l crew's are WAY better too! Especially the Pursers! :rolleyes: ty! :up:

Call whatever you want Fly, I don't need your authority or agreement... It is what it is.. Yeah people are in shock, but seniority has shifted my dear... I don't fly syd b/c I don't like that trip... OMG can it be??? I prefer a 4 day TPE.. or 3 day FRA... And, I don't know why you keep harping on international.. I trade for what best fits my schedule, dom or intl... Lets see, you have tried to guess my seniority for how long and still got it wrong?? You don't know Jack sista.. Sfo saw a very large transfer pool from DEN DCA BOS ORD and most of them new hires.. Luckily for me, I was in one of the very first classes and could just have well been hired 6 years earlier and you would never know the difference.. I am nearly in the 14,000s now... but hey,, you know better right... Give it up.. You dont know what your talking about... There is no reason for me to tell you anything other than the truth, and yet it is what hurts you (FLY) the most.. You can't stand it that some junior hottie is holding weekends and holidays off on reserve and getting a move up.. And you would be stuck to a shi&&y line...
Point Taken. Sorry, I got carried away with inane postings of a poster (Poser? :shock: ) trying to give the impression that at United they somehow had better flying than others have it at their airlines, which is NOT TRUE.

I will stop.

Back on topic......when United unites, she will be furloughed, people will lose jobs and money, management will get richer. Same story!
Fly, I was based in DCA for my first years, that is where i flew Sao Paulo... Then I transfered to SFO where I held a move up as well, sweet pea, you see,, oue system is much different now, intl. and domestic are integrated and we do both... You have no idea what you are talking about... Obviously... the truth hurts and it has hurt you,,, get a life fly.. I have been on the east and west coast for UAL, held move ups in both, weekends and holidays off, and you are bitter... Get over it, jealous fool... I am the one thats stating facts, you wish you were still in the know,, but you are VERY VERY old news honey... Get your facts straight, then post..

You guys sounds so bitter together. Who cares you fly Australia and New Zealand. It's just a freaking job. I am based in DC and i fly Argentina. You guy sound like a bunch of woman
just like on jumpseatsnews.com where all the bitter woman flight attendant complain. Maybe he was based in ord/jfk/mia at one time when we flew GRU from those cities before DC.

This place is just a job. who cares what you fly.
This thread got waaaay off track with seniority issues. Moderator, please put all discussions about seniority under a separate thread. Thanks