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    LAS delays due to runway closure?

    Just wait, in 5 years from now, they are going to take 25R/7L out for the same thing. THAT SHOULD BE FUN!!!!
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    New City -Just announced, dontcha know

    I just listened to the Red Belly Radio and I got the distinct impression that there are going to be a few more flights coming to MSP in the VERY NEAR future.
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    More New Flights

    DTW does not have slots. WN could expand at any time.
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    More New Flights

    I feel WN should have at least 2 nonstops, but definitely 1 to LAS from DTW. DEN and TPA should get 1 also. Where is PRV??
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    Midwest grounds MD80s

    I was searching for a LAS-MKE trip in December and it still shows all 3 LAS flight operating with MD80 a/c. These are all supposed to be gone long before December, so does anyone know when Midwest plans on loading their flight changes?
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    It looks like SWA is getting close to announcing a codeshare to Canada, according to the Chicago Tribune and a quote for Gary Kelly himself. The article kind of makes it sound like the deal is done, just waiting to announce it sometime this summer. I guess that would be NOW. C'mon and spill...
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    Station Closure?

    It is official that US will go down to 74 flights a day in September. The really, really scary part is that when Kirby was in LAS for the emergency LVCVA/tourist meeting, he stated that there were more flight cuts coming, but they had yet to be loaded in to the system. I am guessing that US is...
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    Not all Airline Employees hate their jobs and making the best of a late flight

    He is 555. Operations Agent. One too many bin door bumps there Ramper? :lol: :rolleyes:
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    Frontier files for Chapter 11 reorganization...

    It sounds like F9 management offered them 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. What a choice. :blink:
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    Frontier files for Chapter 11 reorganization...

    I was wondering if there is any news about some D.I.P. financing for Frontier? :huh:
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    Flight Cuts

    Haven't the LAS flight cuts already been announced? The big cut is early September, I believe. Now, I have also heard a rumor that another 20 flights will be cut in LAS, on top of those already announced. These are absolutely crazy times in the aviation industry and I pray for every one...
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    I bet Skywest is drooling at the fact that Mesa could possibly fold. I would imagine Skywest may be best suited to step in. just my thoughts.......
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    las vegas hub to close

    SWA is building a new F/A crew base off of gate C1, it is going to be a 3 story structure and is supposedly going to allow the LAS base to become SWA's largest crew base. Back to the topic, I have asked a couple of sources within the DOA at LAS and it is rumored, obviously, that SWA is taking...
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    las vegas hub to close

    PHX vs. DEN = PIT vs. PHL.... We know who lost and who will...... Sad to say but..... And to a certain extent, the same would go for LAX vs LAS. LAX has too much International and business traffic and would probably trump LAS.
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    las vegas hub to close

    And maybe 2 gates also......SWA supposedly going to take 2 more "B" gates when the walkway is done. It is extremely hard to shrink into profitability. just my thoughts..........