A/C Retirement


Aug 30, 2002
Has anyone heard anything else re: additional a/c type retirements? I had heard a rumor about the 757s going away in favor of the 320s but nothing recently. It was my understanding that we were moving toward fleet rationalization with only AB aircraft. The last planes that we sent to the desert were the F100s and MD80s. That was around Easter and I haven''t heard about any others since. Just curious if I was the only one thinking about this?
Recently, only -300 have been gooing, and actually a few -400s have been returned to service. Aircraft 409 and 404 are two of the most recent to rejoin the fleet. I wonder if this is due to new agreements with specific lessors, and/or the fact that the operating cost of the -300 and -400 are probably fairly comparable for East Coast only runs, and you can squeeze a few more paxs into the -400 making additional revenue possible. Of course, this could make too much sense.
[P]If you go to this link, it gives all the motions filed in the BK case, you will see numerous leases have been renegoiated:[/P]
[P align=center][A href=http://www.vaeb.uscourts.gov/megadkt/0283984.html]http://www.vaeb.uscourts.gov/megadkt/0283984.html[/A][/P]
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[P align=left]Also here is a link to a great Yahoo group about the Mojave Airport which is where the aircraft graveyard is, you will have to join it to see the messages, but there is a fellow on there who works for Avtel Services, the MRO out there who handles the aircraft storage and he updates the coming and goings frequently.[/P]
[P align=center][A href=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mojaveairport/]http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mojaveairport/[/A][/P]
[P]615, and 616 are storage at MHV (which were aquired new from Boeing) and 618 (last bird aquuired from bankrupt Eastern) was in clt being prepped for its ferrry flight to MHV[/P]
If you look at the open work for 618, it is the next 757 for retirement, no date selected yet. 438 and another two more 737-300s being prepped in PIT and CLT for ferry flights next week
I guess Christine will be sticking around to the bitter end. I thought she'd be one of the 1st to go. They beter keep one of the desert girls prepped and ready to return to service for when she acts up.
355 and 356 heading west this morning. 438 and 515 (not sure) are going to MHV tomorrow. It is obivous that if the lessor wont give us a better rate, we will just park it and walk away...
I understand the company target is to still try and fly a fleet of 279 aircraft and has been making good progress with the lease companies. Unfortunately, some aircraft lessors will not agree to market rate leases until the aircraft in question have actually be flown to MHV, parked, and returned.

In this environment it's easy to understand why lease companies will try to avoid a financial loss with over 1000 airliners parked in the desert. With the prospect of UA filing for a formal reorganization, aircraft lessors must make a tough stand to try and preserve as much lease income as possible.

Aircraft financiers are going to be taken to the cleaners over the lease payment restructuring and US has a one-time opportunity to lower aircraft rental fees, which will make the company more profitable over the long-term.

However, the company cannot afford to operate aircraft that do not make money especially in this environment where capacity exceeds demand that could become worse if war breaks out in the Middle East.