AFA Re-vote


Oct 22, 2002
Has there been any word on whether or not the NMB will order another representation vote with Delta Flight Attendants. It looks like they are getting *****ed royally now. 5 base closing and no union in this enviroment is really not good.
Any thoughts
The NMB has concluded its investigation and is currently deliberating.
As of yet, they have not released a decision.
How long ago was this vote? July? May? [BR][BR]I'll betch'ya DL is praying for a vote in its favor given the latest base closures.
The vote was counted on February 1, 2002. The AFA filed interference charges about a week later.[BR]The NMB has been working on it ever since.[BR][BR]For the anti union spin see [A href=][/A][BR]Has raw numbers for vote, plus some Pat Friend letters.[BR][BR]For the pro union spin see: [A href=][/A][BR]Has investigation timeline.