" ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS " ............

I ONLY deal in FACTUAL info. and dates.
For example, Sadly, 9/11 occured on September the 11th, 2001.
You know NHBB, I have had people in the past ask me if I believe in aliens (stay with me I am going somewhere with this). Do I believe aliens have been to this planet? Absolutely not. Do I believe there are aliens on other planets? Yes I do, without any doubts. The universe is a huge place. That is a lot of real estate for there to be no other intelligent life. Do I have proof aliens exist? No. I believe it because it is very probable. I have faith I am correct because statistics favor it.

To summarize I have no proof aliens exist but I have faith they do because to me it is a mathematical impossibility for it not to be so. I imagine people of strong faith in Jesus are much the same way. They believe in it so strongly that in their minds the fact they could be wrong is an impossibility.

That being said given it is most likely there is intelligent life on other planets besides Earth, I find it a bit arrogant to think that the creator of all things holds us above all else.

Also your claim of only dealing in factual information is incorrect. The proof is all over these forums.

Good you can pay all the insane taxes that are sure to come for the rest of us. And all the freebies going to the masses on their way to the southern border now that Trump is on his way out and Biden is welcoming them with open arms...You progressives drive me insane. Freebies for everyone well not everyone only the ones who they know will vote democratic. Bring in illegals give them amnesty so they can vote and there is your base. Formula is not hard to figure out. And of course middle class working stiffs will pay the freight like they always do. You are a fucking moron .