Analysts again say that AA should shrink to help the industry (the competition)

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WorldTraveler said:
IOW, you can't accept that the situation you want to believe works hasn't in real life; ie the market still determines the success or failure of whatever labor does.While you sit here and lambast me, labor continues to be a non-event at US airlines in terms of forcing mgmt. to do more than mgmt. is willing to do.I would be happy to see labor win but as Kev is famous for saying and weAAsles aptly noted, labor itself is well trained in the use of the circular firing squad and in the process of defeating its own interests.If you could focus your energy on effecting change instead of berating me, the situation with labor and the industry might change.Labor is and will be measured by what it accomplishes. If labor actually did get uppity enough to fix problems, they might earn my commendations.for now, quit wearing my condemnation of labor's track record as if it were about your mother or grandmother.
That's what I said? Really? You might want to try and soak in what I said a little better there. But at least I'm glad to see you're back on your usual WT track.
topDawg said:
if you guys voted in a union he would be quick to point out how Delta should pull your PS, outsource etc. etc. just like he did with the FAs. 
nothing says "I care about labor" more than pay cuts and outsourcing because you joined a union.
It's a predictable cycle...
Kev3188 said:
Not even the same library, really.
Obstacles do make you clever but sometimes obstacles need to be moved out of the way with force. If you have the will and strength to move them.

That's what I was saying.
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