APFA will revote


Feb 24, 2003
APFA has jsut announced they will definately revote. All APFA BOD voted in favor, minus one abtain. The three Unions will be meeting with Don Carty and Texas Congressman Frost tomorrow.
I think we all need to consider the disadvantages of being in BK while Southwest, Jetblue, Airtran etc are making strides. Please consider the playing field before you use your vote as an emotional strike against our execs. Sending AA into BK court only allows our competitors to keep moving into our arena. Think long term, vote with a clear head.
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Somewhere else on this forum, (don''t know where), I stated I will keep my vote a yes. I don''t like any of it, but I just feel we have to move on.
Does no one see a light at the end of the tunnel. Beleive me its pretty dim, but it''s there.
On 4/22/2003 11:47:09 PM FA Mikey wrote:

I cannot knowingly accept these dictated terms. I will not settle for being screwed in to something.

The APFA Board of Directors is still urging a YES vote.