Are AA''s work rules competitive?

It all depends on what corner of the working world you are standing in.
From the purely business and economical corner; a resounding no. There is too much wasted time by workers because of the negotiated rules for some workgroups.

From the union corner; a resounding yes. And more are needed to futher define the scope and limits on what the company can have certian workgroups do.

From the last two corners we have confusion. We have the professional that would like to advance in his field but can't because he is limited by the contract in what he is allowed to do, thus no new experience. We also have the new hire that sees a great oportunity but is confused by the fact that he sees his crew chief or supervisor playing solitare on a computer while he's out husling on his duties.

JMHO (Tossing a case of amunition into the fire)
Plane Mech,

Boy that is all to true. I have been told by MX before that they would get to us when the movie was over. Most of the time you can find atleast a portion of mechanics and ramp workers watching tv while planes sit and or playing computer games while others carry their load. In LGA the other day one of the rampers actually said outloud to his fellow employees " If you worked like this at any other normal job you would have been fired along time ago." Unions have a place and are neccessary but they are also extremely inefficent.
On 2/3/2003 4:22:53 PM Steiner wrote:

Why does management allow TVs at work?
So you can find FSCs when thwe aircraft arrives at the gate. Personally I wish they would not allow them.