B6, New Cities ??????????

In light of AirTran's quick response to LGB-ATL, I wouldn't be surprised to see JFK-ATL sooner rather than later. It seems to me that giving ATL travelers a choice of LGB, JFK, and even OAK might be a better way to break into a tough new market than offering only one route, but I'm sure Neeleman knows what he's doing...
A few people have mentioned B6 to Canada. I don’t think it would work from NYC. AC is not doing well on their US routes right now and is in fact reducing capacity and sending more RJs down here.

I travel to YYZ at least once every two months with AA and AC from both EWR and LGA. EWR flights are usually half-full, but LGA flights from are almost always packed. This route is generally business related, but it hasn’t been doing as well lately because of the business slowdown and poor state of the global economy.

YVR would not work because the route is serviced by two daily flights already. I think it’s served about right.

YUL is mostly leisure and there are already plenty of frequencies already.

Furthermore, fares to Canada are generally very, very expensive. Mostly because of Canadian taxes on plane tickets. I can fly to BUF for half the price and just drive up to Toronto, which I’ll probably do from now on.

But Neeleman knows the Canadian market because of Westjet, so maybe he knows what to do.

BUT I do think B6 would be wise to have a FLL-YYZ/YUL flight; it would probably work out. That market is still doing well, from what I’m told.

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