The Future of LCC.


Not the post(by YOU) that I would have expected, since it gives a (I want to play with the BIG boys) US, ZERO Asia, and a TON of domestic, which EVERYONE knows the secret to success is ASIA, SA, and Europe.
(Yes I agree, that those destinations need good domestic feed) !!


Well given the fact that previous posters mentioned -

(The SAFEST wager anyone can make/win, is that AA will be "all over" any NW/Asia routes, that "may" become available) !!

If NWA goes to C7 I don't think anyone outbids AA for Asia/Pacific rim routes. The balance could end up with US at fire sale prices.

Thats why the scenario I described didnt mention Asia. Of course getting the Asia routes and the domestic scenario mentioned would be the best if LCC truly wanted to merge it all and play with the big boys. (I think I'm getting a migraine right about now though) Otherwise, if AA were to take the Asia routes (US still has the Star feed there), getting DTW and MSP and dumping MEM would be good for the overall domestic market (yield and capacity wise).

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