Come On Iam We're Waiting For You To Step To The Plate

AWA - True we do get only 4 hours of pay for 4 hours of sick time for each of the first 5 days unless hospitalized, after that full 8 hours. I admit not good, especially for the earn it and burn it boys. But my point is if someone has a serious illness under IAM they can continue getting sick pay for an accural amount way beyond the 320 hours under the IBT.

Do you get more than 4 weeks vacation? How much are your union dues? 2 1/2 times base... Do you also have a seperate deduction for a strike fund? If you think the company would open up negotiations other than for a transition agreement you better lighten up on the Koolaid.
What I see is you may have a larger sick time bank but it doesn't mean a thing when its true value is only 50 % - it is not very often that you would fall under the guidelines to get full pay and that is why whe have short and long term disabilites. I was out for three months two years ago and the truth is I saw only a small decrease in my take home becase I had done the buy ups on my benefits, and I still had a good amount of time in my bank when I returned.--and yes I trust our lawers when they say the company will have no choice than to negociate a new contract when they surrender the current certificates and start operating undar a new one. We just have to press the issue.