Dec 24, 2002
allegheny mangement has imposed a take it or leave it offer to its mechanics. either take the latest contract proposal or the company will raise the employees medical contribution to $703. for a family, 507. for two party or 304. for single person. how do they expect their mechanics to work under such forced rules without affecting the daily operation. these guys dont make alot to begin with. is this really a fair concession?
Is that per year? 703 per year breaks down to 27.04 per pay period. Is that all that bad? That's a much better deal than what the pilots pay.
Per month?! Are you positive? If so, screw it... no one should pay that rate per month for company-sponsored health insurance.
$703.00 per month? I am having a hard time believing that. I don't even think COBRA coverage is that expensive. That's over 8,400.00 per year. I think that number is wrong. If it's not, it's been a nice ride.
I think that's for the year not the month!!

That's cheap!! hell I pay $32.54 per pay period for my health insurance which equals $65.08 a month total ($780.96/year). Even when I worked in the hospital we had to pay a portion of our healthcare costs. Of course we also called it "home hostage healthcare" because it was the hospitals way of keeping it's money in the system.

You're getting off cheap!!
I wish I had a scanner so I could post the actual paper that the company has put out but I assure you that it is $703. a month for a person with a family. and they wonder why moral is at an all time low. the consesion package that they are offering isnt that great. nothing bounces back if the company does turn around you just lose it and the only way to get it back is to renegotiate after the 6 year contract is up.
A cobra policy is only $168.00 a month for single coverage under PDT ins. plan I just recently checked the cost last week, and ALG wants that for regular coverages???
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Holy Crap!...that is insane!.....frankly I don/t believe it....

My mortgage isn/t much more than that.......

Yes it's true I have the info in front of me for single coverage it will be $304.00 a month, two party coverage $507.00 a month and family coverage $703.00 a month. Kind of a tough pill to swallow.

Here at Piedmont (IAMAW) we haven't really met for any talks since the 14 of August. But now the push is on for an agreement.

Good Luck to all.

If this is all true, it would appear that the company is not contributing anything to the health plan. The total costs (company and employee contributions) where I work total about $700 a month for family coverage. IMHO, putting the entire burden on the backs of the employees is going a bit too far.
This will probably all be meaningless as ALG and PDT will probably just be disolved with the company is in Chapter 11. Keep in mind there are a lot of holes of the reorganization plan that won't be filled in until the court date next month. Either way the company is likely trying to set it up to where they aren't losing any money at all from the express carriers and just get rid of them.
loosing money? Really dont think so. I feel that is why we havent seen the books yet, only been waiting for 4+ months. PDT and the other red headed stepchildren were not included in the bankrupcy till a few hours before the filing, we've been put off for talks since we have asked a few simple questions, which are now comming to light except for them being able to prove the loss of money. And with the road show last week we were told that just because mainline comes out of bankrupcy we may not. It all depends on our concessionary agreememts being built. Gee its nice to feel part of the mainline family, when they need a whipping boy.
[FONT size=1]Considering how low commuter wages are to begin with,is it really necessary to seek such draconian cuts?[BR][BR]Are their rates [EM]that[/EM] much higher than other regionals? Isn't Eagle the template U management is holding up as what they want their regional carriers to be in terms of pay and benefits?[BR][BR]When I worked for Trans States I made more than double what the new hire F/O did, and in most cases, more than the majority of the Captains did.Of course I was an hourly employee and averaged 75 hours a week.[BR][BR]You literally could have regional F/O's applying for public assistance and get it,based on their income levels.Thats disturbing,to say the least.[BR][BR]Unless of course the underlying motive is to tender an offer so unpalatable that its rejection is assured, thereby allowing the company to either sell them off or disolve them outright.[/FONT]
The mechanics at alg have to either accept proposal A which is a .20 an hour paycut,(retroactive to Sept 1st), loose Easter and labor day holidays, loose the 2% 401k match, have their health insurance increased to 63.19 every 2 weeks for a family and will be reviewed every April to keep it at a 75% company 25% employee and that any increase will be no more than $25.00 a month. that could be every month of the year it would go up $25.00. If they don't accept proposal A they will be given proposal B without a choice. Proposal B is the increase to $703 for their insurance a month. The company says they can do that by the current contract.

Of course the company won't put any guarantee in the paperwork either. The pilots at least got included that if the company is sold they revert to their original contract.

Management has participated already. Of course no non-union employee making less than $30,000 received a paycut. The same can't be said for the mechanics by the companies proposal.

They have already saved a lot of money by not hiring a new Vp of maintenance. Alg has been operating without one since august.