customer service initiatives (Merged Topics)

Any improvements,upgrades or enhancements can only be classified as "Pimp my Ride" As all the changes are surface improvements and don't address the fact that the system is a pig underneath. No matter how you dress up the pig , it's still a pig. Dump shares now and return to a real res system not this wannabe garbage.
While I applaud the Customer Service initiatives as a step in the right direction, I question the addition of people in the East. I'm not sure that is the total or right answer. A better answer to me would seem to be hiring contract computer folks and whip this SHARES monster into shape in 30/60 days, THEN see how many extra people you really need.

I guess I feel it's definitely a step in the right direction.....just a shame that all of this has to be brought to Tempe's attention and that they couldn't have had the insight to prevent and to plan appropriately so that these problems wouldn't have occurred in the first place. As far as hiring the 1,000 new employees for the East, that in itself is extremely frightening to me! Hiring off the street at low wages, in PHL for example, cannot be a good thing for customer service! I say BRING BACK furloughed customer service employees.....they're calling back employees to almost all other departments.....why not customer service? At least at that point you have employees familiar with the operation and experience!
I can only hope your attitude is better on the plane than it is here.
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME PHLfa88...this management team could give a rats ass about it's people. Believe me, if they thought for one moment you had ANY value at all they would put it in your paycheck not have cake and ice cream parties..
Ignoring the negativity here, I think the things announced today are an outstanding step in the right direction, maybe, just maybe we will start re-investing in our product and at least try to keep our loyal FF members. Maybe those jack-asses in Tempe actually do want to run an airline......
It took the East to experience both systems to be able and provide feedback, suggestions and the list grows.
No it did not. All the shortcomings of SHARES were told to the training department when each agent went thru SHARES training .IT FELL ON DEATH EARS
Tell you what! Would Art go to Tempe and get us some staffing in Philly? If you believe we are getting it believe again!
PB is right on about customer service agents stressing out, it is very, very sad that this company and this computer has gotten ALOT of us physically sick. This staffing etc., is all a show for May 15, 2007. I never would charge a preferred a s/b fee anyway, most of wouldn't. You can't imaging how many customers are getting on these aircraft for FREE because of this system, it is the least they could do for you.

Just keep in mind, when you check in, "it is not the agents" fault we have a company that won't apologize!

It's just a "pie in the sky"!

The only thing that will happen is that they will continue to add enhancements to Shares, and the East agents will just get better working with a garbage system. But overall the system will still be a POS ,A Pig is a pig is a pig. If Tempe can't see the inherent failure of Shares , how can we expect them to run the company any better than they have been. The new initiatives are a step forward , but for every step forward we are still dragged backwards by Shares. Admit Shares was a mistake and return Sabre. We have lost our CS tools and we want them back and shares is not capable of returning them. The employees would have much more respect for mgmt if that was done. How can we be expected to be a world class carrier if we are forced to operate with a third world computer system that adds nothing to our service abilities. Shares will relegate us to 2nd tier standing in US airlines. 9 weeks into this mess, international is still a disaster. Any solutions yet Tempe?
I watched CNBC this morning, saw the webcast and read the news today. I am cautiously optimistic that maybe...just maybe Tempe got a wake up call from the customers and employees. This place can not go on the way it has. The inflight product MUST be upgraded. The kiosks must work and the airport MUST have proper staffing. I would have liked them to announce a switch back to SABRE but, I woke up from that dream fast. :lol:
Did you hear the last question on the webcast? "where do you see USAirways in 5 years" Doug was wishy washy and less than enthusiastic in the stand alone plan but seem to be energized and excited when talking about becoming a larger airline with a merger. There you have it folks. They are keeping it afloat until the time is right to pounce. ;)
Does anyone else feel like this is a broken record? For the past 10 years they have been dressing us up and seeling us off. Feel like the ugly girl at the prom with baces! Will you go out with my sister, I promise the headgear won't get in the way! The only thing this place is missing is Long Dong Duck :p
Don't mean to sound ungrateful. Yes, the company took the first step, but why ?
We have been dealing with these fools, these are our careers! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to listen to promises that never happen.
Does the passenger go away happy for a 25.00 waiver? If I were the passenger I would expect a little more. Art will tell you how frustrating it was to get a reply on that one, can you imagine how long we battle to get more as employees. FOREVER!
The product is tailored to US's budget and the customer requirements.

Tempe can get all manner of PR mileage out what I'll call "Customer Approved First Class"

They should take a tip from Fergie:

If you ain't got no money take yo.. broke ass home

We flying first class
Up in the sky
Poppin.. champagne
Livin.. my life
In the fast lane
And I won't change
For the glamorous
Ooh the flossy, flossy