CWA - "Can''t Wait Anymore"


Aug 21, 2002
Our jobs are on the line, but CWA is just leaving us hanging in limbo - I guess we''re just dues units.
Anybody else starting to regret that we let these clowns onto the premises?


Aug 19, 2002
On 8/22/2002 5:18:08 PM

What about all the promises CWA made about bringing U better job security, better benefits and better pay?

Compared to what we got from Colodny... I'd say the CWA has been doing a darned good job for us.

It's hard not to get the fidgets, but I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes.


Aug 20, 2002
Ok...All you Newbies...

Be Patient..I believe that CWA is doing whats best for US. It's in the hands of their lawyers who are being paid to watch out for US. Everyone seems to be complaining about Union dues. Consider that money well spent, if we hadn't had the contract, the Company would have already inflicted their pain on US. Deadlines have come ...and gone. The Union, I believe, knows what it's doing.

Be patient...[:sun:]


Aug 19, 2002
CWA saved my job once already.

Without CWA, I would have been furloughed forever on
the west coast. Also, prior to CWA, the part time help
never even got the option to transfer out of Reno.
After the San Diego closing, I estimate about forty or
more part timers elected to move and in some cases
moved up to full time. Sadly they may not be able to
hold their positions.

I didn't think the contract was strong enough and
I thought the company really abused the contract committee.
And yes, I think the company has been unduly tough on
customer service during these negotiations.

I'm glad to have Mort Bahr and his group helping us.
I think they have tried to halt the company from gutting
our wages and benefits...

just my opinion!


Aug 19, 2002
All we are asking for is a update every now and then....We are being left in the dark...I guess the waiting would not be bad if we knew what we are waiting for???? Several people are losing trust in the CWA...We pay the dues every week so its our Right to be kept up to date on what is going on!!!!!!!!! [8)]