Democrats the gift that keeps on giving thread.

Why didn’t all those people you showed standing in line have any friends to bring?
They did, told to file in a single line as a covid precaution.

I am sure the "progressives" on here will just love the advertising featured right here on this forum.

Because we all know that is totally appropriate "programming" for an infant.

I'm sure those proud moms will take their kid to a Drag Queen Story Hour first thing in the morning.

F*ck I hate leftist. Buncha f*cking deviants.

All I ever see are ads for cellphones and lawn & garden stuff... Obnoxious, but anodyne.
That's what pisses me off about this gay agenda bullshit. Diversity training at work. Front pages of magazines at the store. Advertisements on forums. You can't get away from it. I see these damn advertisements even playing cell phone games.