Hang in There UAL Employees!


Dec 9, 2002
I would like to express my support for all of the UAL employees. As a USair employee, I know some of the feelings that you are experiencing.
For me the uncertainty is the worst part. Although the prospects of furlough or liquidation are not pleasant, I can deal with that if it happens. However, living in limbo for year after year has worn on me and my family. It has become common for our employee groups to bicker back and forth. We blame each other, we defend our own contracts, and we all attack management. I can assure you all that it does not help. It doesn''t matter whether you are a 747 Captain or a UAL cleaner. If you lose your job, or have to take significant pay and benefit cuts from levels that you have worked many years to obtain, the heart ache and stress can be very difficult. I guess I am trying to say, “Best of luck to allâ€￾! Please remember that family and health is the most important. This will not be easy for any of us. However, if we destroy a marriage, let our health suffer from the stress of these changes, or try to forget about reality by escaping in a bottle, we will be even worse of than we are destined to end up after this is all over. I am sure that many of our parents and grandparents had much tougher times during the depression and WWII. I am also confident that we will each find a way to survive and prosper despite our current unenviable positions.