It's official

With all these European flights, you US folks deserve to feel good about your company
(Given the MASS ABORTION jobs you've gone thru these past years)

Good luck !

1 question please.

How many 330's are in the fleet ?
Any others on order ??


I do know that there are 9 A330s and 10 B-767-200ER in the fleet for the widebody. not sure if any are on order or if so when it will be added to the fleet.
I think East has 9. Per the agreement with Airbus during BK, the ones on order are to come in the 2009-2010 timeframe, I think.

Have we actually acquired 3 ATA 757s? News of this was not spread at work and usually this type of news gets around quickly. If we have acquired them it will be interesting where the maintenance program goes for these the East or West?

They are part of the East fleet, and are currently in CLT.

Um, yes, hello? I believe someone owes me some money:

I'd bet $1000 against this rumor.

Since I was the first to accept your looney bet, and definitively predicted it, I'd say that money's mine. :lol:

757 service will be initiated for two existing seasonal destinations, and a third new one all in West Europe.


767's used on the existing routes will be used to initiate service to 2 brand new destinations (one in North Europe, and one in South Europe).


Boy, this kool-aid is tasty! :up: Please, sir, may I have some more?
I get Milan and Lisbon but can anyone shed light on the selection od Stockholm?
I think US wanted Milan years ago, so I would expect that too. Lisbon and Stockholm are suprises, but if they can make some money on that route, so be it. I would think they would choose Zurich, Copenhagen or Hamburg first.

Also why the 4:10pm flight time departure to Milan?

Does all the west coast traffic arrive in time for that connection? I just came off a SFO flight that came in after 4pm, and was about 20 minutes early. I guess that they would need to make some earlier flights into PHL from the west.
can anyone shed light on the selection od Stockholm?

Göteborg, Kalmar, Kiruna, Luleå, Malmö, Ronneby, Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Umeå, Växjö, Ängelholm, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund, Köpenhamn, Oslo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Bryssel, Budapest, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Genève, Hamburg, Helsingfors, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Milano, Moskva, Paris, Prag, Rom, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Zürich

Copenhagen has more SAS connections, but I'm sure there is a good reason behind Stockholm over Copehnagen. Maybe they can add that to the questions for Doug?
Nothing said about DUB/SNN year round yet, but im sure it may be announced soon if it happens.. makes sense now they have the aircraft in the winter.. I have heard this is a strong possibility, but dont think GLA will go year round

Oh yeah i think i am owed some of that $1000, where are you Falco??? at the bank?
I get Milan and Lisbon but can anyone shed light on the selection od Stockholm?

Codeshare connections w/ SAS to strengthen the relationship in the Star Alliance. From what I've seen and heard, Management is making overtures to show interest in further participation because their previous philosophy (at the helm of HP) was to avoid the alliances. Now they're trying to show good faith efforts to play nice.
Now they're trying to show good faith efforts to play nice.

Puleeze, if they were showing good faith efforts to play nice, they would bring rollover back, tier mileage bonuses for high fares back, and companion upgrades at the same window as US1's. It's all about business to them. Maybe it is abou keeping WN from getting more gates. Maybe it is about feeding flights to SAS. But, the bottom line is that they feel that they can make money off of these flights. Many cruises start in Sweden...just like Venice and Barcelona.
Play nice to Star. They don't care to play nice to the VFFs; you already know that!

You're right he doesn't want to play nice with us. He thinks he can help run an airline without VFF's. However, maybe he doesn't need Star. Maybe he has his eyes on another alliance. :ph34r: