LAS Question

Aug 25, 2006
On Friday April 14th, I was driving near UNLV and noticed 2 planes that were fairly close  in the air.  I know that LAS is upgrading their main runway and many of the flights currently take off on 1L and 2L.  It was right around 1030am, maybe 1035am and they were both climbing.  The a/c that appeared to me in the lead and higher in altitude was a DL aircraft.  I thought it was AB320.  The second aircraft was a WN and obviously it was 737.  The Delta a/c turned left and within a moments the WN a/c veered right.   I was surprised that these 2 planes were so close and didn't know that LAS would allow dual take offs. 
When I got home a few minutes later I tried searching and I found a DL flight that was scheduled to go from LAS to SEA and it was a 737.  The closest WN flight that I could place in that time frame was a flight to AMA.  I also looked to see if there was any missed approaches, but I'll admit that I might be looking in the wrong places.  Any suggestions as to a website to look into this?  Thanks

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