Merry Christmas!

Big Duke 6

Mar 24, 2003
:D Before things get waaaay out of hand on some of these topics :p . I just wanted to wish all of ya a Merry Christmas from the Rock Pile(That would be the Rockies).

If anyone is in the Toronto area this weekend, I will be there doing a lift job for a customer, and would appreciate goin for a pint.(note that was singular in connotation) if anyone's interested :D .
Now, there's a spirit I can relate to! :up: Likewise to you Big Duke VI. :lol: Nothing like starting early, at this time last year or there abouts, some of us less sophisticated types (I will withhold names) were actually writing up modified classic jingles and playing make beleive! :p :D Wonder what this season will bring ... :blink:

Back to work Biggles, back to work ..
biggles, we were having fun last year with those jingles!!!! :p

big duke and everyone else, the best of the season to all of you... :up:

"hark the herald angels sing, rotor blades will always swing...
pull collective, hear them thud, pulling drill rigs full of mud..."

next verse, anyone?? :blink:
Twinny, "fun" is an understatement, we had a riot! :D

But now, rather than concentrating at this god forsaken hour on my work, you got me humming hark the herald ...... and of course looking for the next verse :lol:

Fa la la la la la la la la la .........
well boys and girls.............

i want to wish you ALL a very merry christmas and a safe and prosperous new year!! :up:
'Tis getting to be that time of year..... Hope everyone has a joyous and safe holiday season! :D

merry hoho to one & all...

don't forget... for every mile of road there's two miles of ditch!! :D

(and a RIDE check around the corner)

play safe out there...

I am hoping we will get a visit from the man of the season............No, No, not that one.............I mean Mr Facts. He had some pretty good information on our industry at this time last year.
yes merry x-mas to all and please for those flying on x-mas eve keep a look out for santa, as he might be in your flight path and we would not like santa to get hurt.......ay!! :D :D


I Hope everyones Christmas is a happy one, and finds you with your family and friends...and maybe a few egg-nogs too!

In the spirit of giving, I give you this...and ya can play with it before christmas even...

Toy Helicopter
ps: Take advantage of all mistletoe! :p
Back at y'a boys

Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Have a Cool Yule

R :D
Sorry to tell all you dogs that the Santa Claus has run into some bad luck. Yes, I have the Santa Clause and his large smelly goats roasting as we speak. Take down your stupid trees and undeck your stupid halls.