Merry Christmas!

Try as hard as You want , You will never make it to GW's deck of cards.

:bleh: :elvis: :bleh:
Well hot dam :shock: , looky here, Mister Ugly himself is back :hide: (modern day version of the Grinch). Must be the nip in the air, nice to have you back ... its called suckin'up for a xmas cadeau .... :p
Maybe you know biggles who is the real one MSS or M.S.S. ?

:unsure: :unsure: :elvis:
Had to put my Christmas wishes on a separate post.
All kidding aside, Happy Holidays to you all, and a heartfelt thanks to those that have made this forum a great "end of long days" release for me (comparable to kickin off the shoes) Also, a very special merry one to all of those that work will have them away their families.

Hey Elvis, I do know who MSS (or M.S.S.) is. But I can't say cuz this character is somewhat a psyco (extremely unstable). The fact that there is a variation is probably because his brain didn't allow for extra memory storage space and he simply forgot his original user name or password or somethin in those lines :blink: ....
Merry Christmas form the entire Oilers organization!

Me too. It's been a good year of reading and our fatalities seem to be down. I'm sure all of our thoughts will this Christmas pass through the homes of those families who lost aircrew loved ones this year.

Feliz Navidad to everybody from this side of the pond, though I'll be working during Xmas I stii enjoy a lot flying in the snow, so it`s not that bad since we already have plenty of it.
Buen vuelo :up:
BTW for the translators:
En el portal de Belén hay estrellas, sol y luna
la Virgen y San José y el niño que está en la cuna. :wacko:
hey cyclic monkey !
that's exactly what i was worried about, but thank god a helicopter was not involved, because i think there would not be many parts of the jolly one left... <_<

Merry Christmas to all. Who is flying on xmas day here? I am. :blink:
But at least I'm bringing my snowboard where I'm going. :up:

From all of us here at Heli Ops - Merry Xmas and hope you get everything you want.

Yes CTD you can have that blow up sheep you have been a hangin out for and 407D that little Ewe that you so kindly took under your wing, or at least under something, :rolleyes: is on her way via FEDEX to you.

Seriously hope you all have a good one.

Heli Ops :blink: