New Rumor Question...?


Aug 20, 2002
Is there any truth to the rumor that US is looking to buy a bunch of 75''s from UA?
I doubt that, UA's 757s have pratt and whitney engines, not rb211s and US just filed a motion to abrogate 18 757 leases and aircraft 618AU a 757 is going to the MHV this month.
We could just send ours back with the lease broken and take those instead, maybe for a lower rate.
Doesn't TWA/AA have some 757's parked with RB211 engines? Perhaps we are in negotiations with their leasing companies and using that as leverage to push the lease rates down on the ones we currnetly have. Maybe we could pick up a few of them for a song, especially if our pals at GE Capital are the lease holders.
I think AA kept TWAs 757s, I know they parked the 767s, I do not see US outlaying more cash and bringing in a differant variation of the 757 fleet because on the non-commonality.
The ones National 757s are mostly leased from pembroke, and they took it in the shorts on US' F100s, they held the leases on half of them.