New to the Board


Dec 30, 2002
Good Day all. Just wanted to let you know I found your board through and will become actively involved in your discussions if you will have me. As you can tell by my board name I am not Native American (AA that is). Actually TWA was to be a stepping stone anyway. I only managed to get in a very short time before being laid off after 9/11, six of which were probation so I had to keep my mouth shut on how bone-headed some of the decisions made by both company and union were. My long term goal was UPS or FEDEX. They want a few years experience. Ha! What is experience? Seniority is all that counts anyway. I have been around STL long enough to see many relatives and close friends hurt by the irresponsible decisions made by TWA all those years before its final dismay in 2000. I knew it wouldnt be long. Just my opinion but I see major changes coming to this industry. Whatever UAL becomes we will soon mirror. Is reregulation the answer? We are already the most regulated industry anyway. Did Jimmy Carter really have any idea what he was signing? Is this just another 10 year swing of the pendulum or is change really going to happen this decade? Last swing we lost Eastern, Pan Am, Midway, etc. Low cost carriers dont sit there and grin, your turn is coming. Just cause you give a free bomber jacket to the pilots and let your FA''s where shorts and climb out of overhead bins singing the theme song to the Flintstones on your no frills flights, dont think you are exempt from change and will continue your glorious bask in the very narrow band of light that is profit making. The light is shifting and we all better get our lazy duffs up and find a new way to stay in the light cause it is going to get really cold out there.