Non-rev question


Sep 9, 2002
I''m non-reving (furloughed/screwed employee) tomorrow and have been hearing all about the new security rules effective January 1st, primarily concerning needing a boarding pass to get to the gate. How does this effect non-revs, who obviously don''t have boarding passes. I really will be pissed if I need to wait in a ticket counter line for an hour and half just to get a gate pass, since I never check bags.
If any of you CSAs have any input, I''d appreciate it.
Jon C.
Tampa, FL
If you still have your id badge, most aiports will let you through security with just your id badge. But it depends on which airport you are departing from. Also, if you still have you badge, you can now check in on the e-ticket machine kiosks by swiping your badge and the machine will give you a pass to get through security.

I have found that most a/p will let airline employees through security with just their id, even if they are non-reving. Good luck
I've been furloughed for quite some time now, a year
I have my tickets already, picked them earlier in the week. So that's all I still need? I was under the impression that we needed a gate pass effective January 1st...kind of like they do in Europe. But, I could be furlougees are a bit out of the loop when it comes to info.

Jon C.
In Tampa you do not need a boarding pass yet to get to the gate. Not sure when this will change, but they are talking about having to tear down a wall at the airside to get another security lane for the extra "S"pecial passengers. As of now, you just need an itenarary card or the ticket for travel.[BR]Might want to be sure to have some upgrades with you too. We've been pretty busy out the past few weeks and we'll have lots of people leaving from the ball game this week too. Good luck. If you're leaving in the pm be sure to say hi.
in DCA... non revs are placed on standby list and after they are placed on list a boarding pass will spit out with no seat assignment on will show Etkt on it..or if you have a paper tkt it will spit out paper tkt boarding pass again with no seat assignment... this will get you thru security and then you go to the gate and wait it out... Not sure about using kiosks as to what they will do, as I don't have alot of nonrevs using them (I work at the shuttle, which checks in at a different place than mainline)..