Parker to Retirees: Get over it


Jul 23, 2003

If American Airlines hadnt filed bankruptcy and didnt need a merger with another company and a different list, then this wouldnt happen. But it did.

We all owe you all a debt of gratitude for building the company to that point. But the company that you worked for went into bankruptcy, and it needed a merger to bring itself out. And it merged with a carrier and it had a different list and thats what happened.

We can all be upset about it. We can all continue to talk about it. But the facts are those. We have a new company where we had to make some difficult decisions that have been made.

Look, I wish at the bottom of heart I could make all of you happy but I know Im not going to be able to so long as thats your requirement for being happy because that we cant change.

The decision has been made. That is the pass policy, and thats what its going to be.
I just love brutal honesty at times...
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I fail to see what bankruptcy has to do with a change of non rev policy but the fact is, unless you die while an active employee, you will be affected by the new policy. Now on the other hand, what prevents Parker from claiming any bogus makeup reason for not awarding the prefund medical match back to active and retired employee's?
Oh great, more elitists..."a 35 year employee" win!
Oh boy a "32 year employee". Geez you qualify as an elitist yourself, good for you.
It's interesting that the theme for the merger seems to be do what the larger airline did so as not to have to disrupt and train a majority.  Except in this case. We don't want to piss off the minority. AA employees have always worked under the rule that when they retired they would be treated as an equal and I believe they were ok with it.  The legacy US people had the same belief BUT that all changed when Am West entered the picture.  So in reality, the smallest employee group is the only one really affected here that "we" don't want to piss off since their retirees went behind active. They had a very small group of retirees since the airline was only about 20 years old when it merged. I also don't believe EVERY airline boards retirees behind active.  I've talked to employees of Delta and United and one of them said retirees were as equals. UA used to board retirees ahead of active. THAT is wrong also.  Just treat us as equals, that's all we want. 
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Parker put it to rest. Time to move on.
Just like those who suggest we forget the past concessions and screwings and look forward the future, retirees need to do the same. I know it doesn't seem fair, but all employees got screwed. They made it to retirement and got to keep their retiree medical. 
Remember, we were ALL promised things. 
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