Pilots :how smart are they


Aug 21, 2002
They objected to RJ''s in the past because of jpb security.
Now they want U to scale back on the number of RJ''s.
Does not the more RJ u have on property ensures job securite for furloughed pilots?
Do the pilot now working care for their furloughed brothers??
What will happen to pilots if U liquidate??
If it was me..I would not be wasting time with the courts I would be using my energy to come up with a better business plan favourable and fair.
Time is important March 18th is coming..
Make the right choice...do the right thing.
Can you cite ANY employee business plan that management has EVER given more than lip service to? Labor's job is to labor and if you think otherwise, just ask management. It is unthinkable for a Wharton, Harvard, or (fill-in-the-blank) business school graduate to consider otherwise, as to do so devalues their own superiority. It would be great if it was otherwise, but it's not. So wake up and smell the coffee.

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